Game Mini Race Rush online

Game Mini Race Rush

Mini Race Rush

What was not a good time for office workers during the long and boring workday. For example, developers of the game Mini Race Rush created an online application in the language HTML5, in which you'll drive a little car right in the office table. He piled up a huge amount of pencils, notebooks and other stationery. Maneuvering between all of this, you will need to perform the task level - collect gold stars. In addition to you in the game Rush mini race will be other machines that you need to destroy. For each destroyed a car you will receive an asterisk. But watch out for the fact that these cars are not able to bump into you, because then they will knock you out of the collected stars. Total you will have one minute to ensure that the required number of stars to collect in the game Mini Race Rush. If you manage to do this, then you will open a new route for the race, where you'll get even more exciting races. If you do not fulfill the condition of the level, then you have to repeat it again and again until you hone your driving skills so that you can collect enough stars, avoiding clashes with their opponents. This exciting online application you will require all your skill and quick reactions, and to play it you can on any device in the presence of the internet.
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