Snowball games

Snowball games

Opening the online game Snowball, you make friends with pretty, cute white bear who wanders through the snow-covered expanses, looking for a way home. Sometimes he stops in some places, to open a coffee shop and earn money on the road, and at the same time please the locals tasty food. He prepares it, and then sells the tables of different orders. All subjects are presented free of charge, and so much more pleasant to play. Sometimes you have to deal with enemies, but armed with snowballs, bear easily deal with them to continue the long way home.

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Funny bear

Snowball games online Snowball games online opening games Snowball can not help remembering Cartoon « Umka ». As our hero, is a polar bear, who lives at the North Pole. In his character stands out innate curiosity and thirst for adventure. He was interested in everything, and pass another puzzle Umka, like snow, was not under force. This led to what appeared to be far from home, they were lost and now we have to find a way back.

Snowball though still quite small, but was very brave and smart. Meeting with danger, he finds a way out and bravely fighting the enemy. One day on his way stood monsters and Bear began to beat them with snowballs. In fact it was his weapon of choice, and it is likely it was the reason for the name.

Throwing enemies in a tightly rolled-up snow, snow enters them into a trap, but that they do not run away from it, you have to kick the ball much leg, otherwise it will fall apart and free the monsters. Throughout his travels he often have to face different enemies, but you have to defeat all the help Snowball and perform a number of tasks. Soon begin to receive Mishutka pleasant surprises in the form of packages, which holds useful abilities. With the help of various items he can throw snowballs at great distances, run faster and become invincible for a while. After a few worlds and fight with an army of enemies in the final will be another, the most important task – defeat bosses – the most important and inveterate gangster. He's so strong, that simple snowballs have to cope and have to look for a more powerful weapon.

You will like the game Snowball

Snowball games online Games Snowball like gamers who prefer to solve challenging logic puzzles and look for a way out of the impasse. Once on the island, you will visit the beautiful, but dangerous places – Wild jungle, marble city, a maze of abandoned shop and even a space station. At each level it is necessary to perform a number of these problems:

  • to find the key;  
  • adjust the operation of the conveyor;  
  • to collect fruit in the jungle;  
  • to solve the puzzle.  

In addition, the need to learn to use teleports and conveyors, and when it is successful, you can climb the ice floe and go to the next game level. If you have difficulty passing the time, and you do not know what the next step to take, you can always resort to the hint provided for such cases.

During the game Snow « stir Fish » we must make every effort to protect the wealth of fish catch from the impudent red cat, which does not seem to deviate from the idea of ​​stealing your provisions. To discourage them hunt to take someone else's, it is necessary to click horoshenechko their nose. But a light blow will not achieve anything, they just stop and look at you in bewilderment and then take over their own. If you attach a little harder, cats lose consciousness, but when came to, eagerly pull legs to the fish. And only a real kick will knock them out of the field. Each time the red thief will become more and need to have time to react at all. Soon you will have aides, but increases in proportion to – The more bears, the more cats. You, of course, there is a watchdog, but he is so lazy that he preferred to sleep in the sun, rather than chase the cats, and therefore, easy educational slap does not hurt to him. Also, you will have access to the bonus. For example, if you hit the tree he drops a pipe, which causes a herd of pink elephants, which will run across the field and trampled and kicked cats with lawn. And in order to get acquainted with other features and bonuses, start the game Snowball.

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