Earth Taken games

Earth Taken games

Aliens have time to destroy the earth's ecosystem, and people are no longer able to breathe fresh air and drink water. Remaining humanity is trying to survive in the masks, but they continue to hunt for space aliens. Online games occupied lands offer to play for free, and help the heroes to investigate the affected area. Follow filter schools, life and energy. Looking into the room, trash cans, turning out the pockets of others, collect spare filters, canned food, weapons and other useful items. Soon more searchers will join the hero, and together is always easier.
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Igry occupied land: save your planetu

Earth Taken games Earth Taken games Adventure Action Shooting games and occupied land is used in its usual story idea destruction of the world. It began with the fact that aliens have visited Earth. The government concealed this visit for a long time, even when it became clear that the purpose of the alien is not noble, and is not associated with information exchange. Aliens indifferent to our culture and traditions, they are not interested in our scientific progress, we have to primitive beings who are lucky enough to live in the world, rich in mineral resources.
People obstacle on the way to the goal of the aggressor, which should be removed. When the alien action became too apparent, the government could no longer hide the fact of their presence. But it was too late, because the intelligence of the enemy army received reinforcements and began methodically destroying our cities, to hunt for people to poison the air, making it suitable for yourself.
Mankind was on the verge of extinction as a rare species worthy of"Red Book". In order to somehow survive, we have to filter the water, eat canned food, and breathe in a gas mask. The city is in ruins and flames everywhere there are patrols of space soldiers armed with laser guns.
Our hero is brave and resolute, and ready to set off alone in the dangerous mission of the game occupied land, in order to find a way to destroy the enemy and return to the planet of its viability. Before you and him a daunting task, which can be fatal. But the people have nothing to lose and so they are on the verge of extinction. It is better to die with dignity than to survive in the catacombs.

Your mission is to rescue

Earth Taken games Caught in a hopeless situation, to fight all means are good. Your character is equipped with a weapon, a knapsack and a gas mask, but is forced to constantly replenish the supplies. The cartridges are consumed in short skirmishes with the enemy, in a gas mask filter is contaminated and must be changed, and will not prevent food to maintain personal power.

  • Peremeschaytes on gorodu
  • Issleduyte each ugolok
  • Podbirayte boxes, letters, filters, first aid kits and patrony
  • Poveryayte pockets in trupov
  • Unichtozhayte aliens and mutantov

V some cases, have to look into the underground tunnels, while others climb onto the roof. In any room, and a niche in the open space you can find the remains of useful items that have become scarce. Aliens dangerous enemies, and it is better to choose the tactics of surprise attack from behind, than a frontal attack.
Long staying in pollution conditions, the hero appear unique qualities that will help him on some stages of the passing game of the occupied land.

Sozday his komandu

K Fortunately, you're not the only one who survived in this situation. Exploring the bunkers, rooms, shops and streets, you will find more survivors of individuals who also roam this distraught world, armed with anything. Unite in small groups together to find a solution to the problem. The more you will have while playing the occupied land, the real chance to win. This also applies to meetings with the alien squad who are planted in different parts of his ship.
is controlled by the arrows using the other keys:

  • A ohota
  • S pryzhok
  • Q change oruzhiya
  • Probel signal to start the game protsessa

Vo the game occupied land you can buy new weapons and uniforms for the previously earned points. In order not to give out your location, break lamps, and they do not attract outsiders to your shelter. Armed with this knowledge, help humankind to banish the enemy from the planet.

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