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Flakboy games

At the warehouse received a new batch of weapons: mines, cannons, spikes, freezing plant sizzling phones and more. Interesting deadly toys will grow even more, and someone has to test them. Wishes to play free online games Flekboy go to Base-51, which really kept locked aliens. One of them was identified as a volunteer at the test site, and you have to place the available weapons on the walls, floor and ceiling, to cause more damage to the character. Only after reaching a certain level of damage will pass to a new stage.
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Flakboy games Any weapon that has ever created by man, passed the test, in order to understand its power of destruction and range. Games Flekboy doing exactly that experience at every level of different settings:

Kazhdy object appears gradually, and worth some money.

  • Miny
  • Pushechnye wall units
  • Shipastiki
  • Poprygunchiki
  • Zazhigalki
  • Holodok
  • Rakety


But do the installation of such interest would not be represented if applied to inanimate objects. For your own experiment invited alien origin volunteer. Presumably, he had no choice, because he is a prisoner of the Zone-51.

All the space aliens to the landfill!

Siny humanoid game Flakboy seems fearless, because he put up against the most advanced, lethal weapons. His only phobia yellow rubber duck, and that is why it gives the command to start when the time comes. A time comes when, as soon as you put in the perimeter of different killer tricks to maximize the damage to the hero. The more blood you it is empty, the greater the chance to pass the level. For each subsequent rates rise, and already it is necessary not only to roll hero nose, let the first blood and cause more serious injuries.
way, sometimes you can find another name armor games. So called hero in the Russian version.
After the test, there is a report with information as it took time for the passage, cash costs, the resulting gains and character damage:

  • Obschie
  • Golova
  • Ruki
  • Tulovische
  • Nogi

Flakboy games Flakboy games Then you can proceed to the next step or the last pass once more. Despite the brutal theme Flekboy games and have a useful component, as are logical toys and educational means. Each level sets a certain barrier damage, which should be achieved at the site apart items that will be run when the hero falls into the scope of their influence.
Duck cotton scary humanoid, and it starts to move in the opposite side of it. There he may face skipjack, which will throw to the ceiling, where you prudently secured spikes. Falling down, he touches a gun, and she lets him his charge, and if everything correctly calculated, further connects chill or sizzling design. The hero of the game Flakboy may wind across the room, and he will repeatedly run into the trap apart from weapons, with new damage.

Novaya attempt another pytka

Dlya armor through the game there is no fixed time, and you can replay each level many times, until you have passing grades to the next step or sharpen the result, just by moving apart arms. Every time the game Flekboy hero will go to the site on his chest will change the serial number, and you will see how many attempts it took to pass.
The number of points earned is interconnected with a profit, and more impressive than it is, the more mechanisms you can apply for dismantling on the character of the game Flakboy.
If you want to replace one another installation, just drag and drop the unnecessary in the door, where there is the test, and it will disappear and in its place on the account will be the sum of the cost of the device, which can be spent to buy other weapons.
Complete all versions of the game armor, to experience more deadly traps, goading the poor Flekboya, which was just unlucky to be born on another planet, and who happened to be in the hands of the military scientists on Earth cheerful.

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