Duck Life games

Duck Life games

Take on the role of guardian of a little chick, and accompany him on a long journey. You will enjoy free play online games duck life, worrying that she was always food. If you forget to feed, she momentarily loses energy and falls beak down. You have to constantly train your pet to become hardy and able to compete with other chicks. Soon wishing to compete typed the whole company, and it will go to conquer the height, depth, using the methods available to overcome. Be happy, and your mentee win.
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Duck Life Games will start on the treadmill

Duck Life games Very unusual scenario develop games duck life. We are accustomed to when the frame appears a meadow and grazing birds, we are waiting for the development of the farm with all its manipulations. But even experienced players often make the mistake of making hasty conclusions. If you decide that you are now waiting for the development of the farm, you will be surprised to know that in front of you is no ordinary chick, and a trained runner on long distances with very difficult obstacles.
and you can verify this by opening the game Duck life. Life at a small pet and the truth is not easy, because your supply it will go a long, exhausting way from the simple feathered inhabitant of meadows to almost commando. Choose the color of duck, think it a name, for example, John, wait for the frame, and start your adventure.

Born to swim, learn and fly

In the first seconds of the game Duck life you will be a surprise – duck will have time to make a few steps and then fall unconscious. If you look at the energy scale, you realize that your pet simply run out of power, because he had long without food. Handful of grain bought for a small sum to help a duck to recuperate.
Place the food close to the pet as doprygat to her, he is unlikely to. Well, now he backed up and ready for a new start. From this moment the test starts, which increase Vasey qualities.
complexity of exercises all the increases, and duck- life hero of the game should not be complacent. You will gradually access to the store, where points earned can be exchanged for useful talents: speed, jumping ability, range, and others. But first go through several levels in order to accumulate experience.
Our duckling able to fall even under the volcano, and go underground corridors, descending deeper and deeper. Jump on the bars, collecting gold coins, which are found on different levels. Additional tests will be all groups of exercises:

  • jump obstacles
  • Prigibaytes to squeeze into places with low potolkom
  • Pereletayte provaly
  • Pereplyvayte ozera
  • Lovite falling bonuses and avoid dangerous predmetov

Duck Life games Duck Life games A good test will be the collection of bonuses, which are beginning to roll in just a hero from the sky. But it would be too easy to run for coins or a grain in the open field, but because the problem is complicated, and along with helpful, fall down and deadly objects. Our duck die if it falls on the head of the ball, watermelon or stone. You should consider the time, that the"manga"Now you fall down, and react correctly.

Find the duck group

long remain one duck was bored and decided to make friends. Now the game Duck life have a new series in which the hero continues on his way with additional barriers, but can now rely on the assistance for travel.
Together, they climb on the rocks and even dive to a depth, because at different levels are waiting for their real treasures. The more collect bonuses with the characters, the more grain and improvements can buy at levels change.
Different game series games duck life you can control several characters. Everyone should be fed, but not limited to – to give full attention to develop in each leader, the experienced athlete, endurance and a reliable friend. You never know what lies ahead, and it is important, if you can rely on each other, walking alongside. Let the ducks more load to become even faster, more hardy, hardened. Having an exercise routine, you will quickly learn, and be able to manage effectively ducklings.

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