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In space, there is an activity of unidentified aggressive creatures. You have to deal with this, and free siege of the galaxy will help you with this, which you will now play online. To protect the star space, it is necessary to build a powerful ship from hotel blocks. The available money of your account will go to this, and you will have to manage an imperfect apparatus so far. But when new means appear, immediately improve the design of the starship, introducing amendments and useful changes in order to more effectively fight on our galaxy. Collect artifacts around and shoot the enemy.
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Games The siege of the galaxy: the fight against aliens

Galaxy Siege Games Online

Let the cosmonauts never meet in space representatives of other civilizations, and science has no evidence of their existence, but it is logical to assume that humanity is not alone in the universe. There must be other forms of life, albeit radically different from us. And for sure there will be friendly creatures and aggressive ones who do not enter into negotiations with any other civilization, but are driven by an aggressive mission. One day we will be able to meet other forms of life, and we would like them to be on our side.

The cinema and the world of computer toys are constantly turning our attention to space. Sometimes spectators and players are happy to meet friendly humanoids, but more often they are either space pirates or galactic warriors sweeping all life from their path. Here and the game The siege of the galaxy is sustained in the spirit of war, forcing gamers to improve their ships in order to effectively repel the attacks of the aggressors.

V far-far space

Galaxy Siege Games Online Open the game Siege of the Galaxy, and for several parts fight with uninvited guests of our territory. The aliens only invaded our orbit, but have not yet landed on the planet, and you have every chance of destroying the alien fleet, and not letting it go to Earth. As always, the enemy is attracted by our resources, which are lacking on their own barren planet. For many millions of years, the inhabitants of the galaxy had time to empty the bowels of a single celestial body, and now they caught the signal from our house that was full of health. Without deliberating for a long time, the aggressors, accustomed to quick success, sent their ships in our direction, hoping to quickly exterminate people, build their bases on the ground, and begin to extract resources until the planet turns into an empty shell.

That has always happened, and they did not expect to meet with serious resistance from people. But the game Siege of the Galaxy is built on the fact that it is necessary to fight and constantly evolve, improving the star fleet for new combat missions.

  • Complete your space missions
  • Collect artifacts and resources
  • Attach to the ship new blocks
  • Explore more new space

Play until the end of victory

Galaxy Siege Games Online Getting started in the game Siege of the Galaxy to play, an important task will be to constantly improve your ship. In the store, choose different modules to attach them to the design of the star shuttle, making it more advanced.

Fuel tanks will help get more acceleration and last longer in space without refueling. Collectors will help attract additional useful items, power shields will protect against meteorites and enemy attacks, and powerful guns are necessary for a successful attack.

For each innovation, a lot of money will be needed, and they are obtained in the missions of the game Siege of the Galaxy in the performance of tasks. Exploration of the open spaces will bring much benefit, and the further you can fly, the richer the planets will meet. Their resources will help to replenish the cash balance in the creation of new modules.

A lot of clashes with enemies await you, and ahead of every fun there will be the most significant battles with the main, most ferocious bosses. If you defeat them, win the game Siege of the Galaxy, and this is the main task that is set by the game process.

Each enemy has weaknesses, and if you find them, it will be easy to win the battle. But the game gradually becomes more complicated, throwing you all the new dangers along with additional features. Use them to free the galaxy from unwanted guests.

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