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Star Wars games

Star Wars online games includes not only the stories of the famous saga, and all the toys that belong to the theme of space. Each is an opportunity to play for free in any direction. If you want, you can master the space and find habitable planets, to offer them economic cooperation. And no, because people and conquer all business – let them pay tribute to and perform the dirtiest, dangerous work. Will you be the hero or anti-hero – choose and this will depend on further developments. Strengthen your cruiser, catch the signal from the sky and go to the conquest of the galaxy.

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Star Wars games Saga « Star Wars » It was started in the early seventies under the auspices of the American director George Lucas. At that time, it was a fantastic project, which to this day remains popular. The idea was so matchless that excited the minds of not only ordinary viewers, and is reflected in the world of politics and religion. The military decided to use the name of their sonorous development and government program called the « SOI — Star Wars », and among religious sects arose during newfangled « jediism ». Among other things, motion picture ushered in a whole sub-genre of the same name in the film industry began to organize clubs and fans held appropriate reconstruction and the virtual world added star headings proposals Star Wars to play games.

In space, action adventure, you can look at the epic saga with different eyes and go stellar roads with well-known characters and meet new ones. In the Star Wars universe nothing is permanent, and you now and then will move away from the original idea of ​​the original, which greatly enriches the repertoire. Sensing separately, taken as a continuation of the famous game of the plot is not worth it, because it's just a different view of the well-known story. Some are able to compete with the film, the other may not be entirely successful. In any case, it all depends on personal taste and look at things.

When choosing a Star Wars game, get ready for the battle on the blaster, becoming a Jedi. The bad and the good guys always enough, and they always solve disputes by force of arms. But in simulators already, you can choose:

  • Fighter
  • Interceptor,  
  • bomber,  
  • The imperial or heavy armored vehicle.  

and sends it on Star Trek.

Star Wars games Each mission involves their assignments, combat tactics and weapons. Also, you can select any of the proposals of the parties and to develop it in the campaigns. In games, the basic idea that formed the saga, you will meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, Captain Panaka, Padmé Amidala, and others. But the big name warmed at not only the classics of the genre, but also by-products interface with a space theme. All that relates to the spacecraft, you will find in this category. Mighty cruisers scatter stardust, shuttling between planets, gaining or protecting them. They attack the transport potential enemy or enter into commercial relations with them. The Adventure you will experience in the practice of fantastic weapons and meet the master Yoda, true to his idea and perfectly owning a lightsaber to put opponents into place. You will become a killer who hunts the Jedi or take part in the past, and will fight the robots turned against you. The sky has always seemed to us a serene, but in fact there is a real war. Master Kit Fisto moves to Kuorensu, supports separatists. He raised and led the opposition Republican forces and resolute. Take under the protection of his base and reflect enemy attacks. Star Wars Games – it's numerous offers to go to the image familiar and favorite characters. Feel like Luke Skywalker, get into a fighting stance, raise your sword and start the battle against space pirates, robots and friends will surely come to your aid. Once settled in the world of Star Wars, you can not leave it. Even a brief separation will cause a burning desire to get back and continue the interesting, albeit difficult path of the Jedi.

Did you know that & hellip;

Star Wars games The world created by George Lucas is unique. The fact that the story of the struggle between good and evil came not just exciting fighter. This excellent philosophical saga tells the story of the world prescribe to the details. A reverse composition throughout history could not hold intrigue for a dozen years. Very often it happens that the world created by the author of the book or the script, too difficult to scale and adaptation of. It happened with the film « Lord of the Rings » , eg. The book was filmed only when technological progress has allowed to realize such an ambitious project. And George Lucas did not wait – he decided to approach the future with their own hands. The first (which is also in the plot 4) part of the saga created on the basis of innovative technologies for the time of cinema. Flights tie-fighters and space battles were filmed in a studio with reduced models. This practice has existed for a long time, the object is moved by means of threads on the set. As a result, it was clearly evident that he was moved by another's hand, and the number of maneuvers were sharply limited. Lucas decided to change the approach radically. His fighters were static, they are located on a well-disguised mounts on a specially designed machine. The camera is moved along the rails multivector, giving softness fighter flight. Moreover, this approach is several times increased number of shooting angles. It was a breakthrough! The viewer did not let the master of cinema, taking the beginning of the saga with great enthusiasm. Then there were the fans, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Festivals, fan clubs devoted all his life this saga, mentally transferred into one fictional world forever. Indeed, some say that the fans of the saga of the former are not. And here is the beginning of history, which ended in 1983 with the release of the sixth episode, viewers had to wait for long 16 years. Only in 1999, we reached a level of technology to allow Lucas to implement the first large-scale project, and at the same time the last part.

By the way, the company actively promotes the Lucas Arts games to the people through the story of stellar saga. For the game Star Wars became an ideal universe. Jedi Academy RPG, strategy batlgraunds, shooter battle front – All these games have become unconditional hits and not cease to be popular today.

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