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Pocoyo games

At first glance it is clear that the free online game Pocoyo welcomes young gamers who are still learning to play on the computer. The main character looks like toddler himself, and is constantly exploring the world. With friends, he does different things: paints pictures with duck Pato and Elly elephant jumping on the trampoline, collect fruit, fun on the racetrack, explores space and launches a kite. Near the rest you will see orange puppy Lula and bird Sonia. Together they make up the boy a friendly, curious team, always ready for fun restless.
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Igry rest in the boundless prostranstve

Pocoyo games online Those games peace that is our heading, created based on the animated series made ​​in Spain and the UK. This is the story of a little boy in a blue dress, surrounded by friends, who explores the world. He was all new, unfamiliar, as well as the audience with the players who are also learning the wisdom to live.
Around the many unknown and unexplored, all objects and phenomena seem unfamiliar, and everybody wants to study in more detail. This also deals with the baby for short series of the cartoon and the game rest, which are made in the same vein as the cinematic original.
Children will love to explore the boundless world with original characters. To focus on the subject of research, the area around is almost empty, with only the main objects related to the theme of the gameplay.

Pokoyo and druzya

Pocoyo games online Each character is easy to learn, even though they look ridiculous toys unusually bright color.

  • Peace – curious little boy, little toddler. She likes to play and always strives to remember more than the new. Learn simply by blue dress and hat. He moves quickly, performs tricks and knows how to drive a car. This is not a simple vehicle – it can move through the water, the sky, at a depth in deep space.
  • – shy Pato the yellow duck in a green cap. He easily offended, but usually remains friendly. She loves outdoor games and is able to rotate the beak as he pleases.
  • Lula
  • – red with crimson spots puppy. Cheerful and lively, able to cheer rest, if he felt sad.
  • Elli – pink, big elephant, which, despite its volume, is energetic and loves to dance. Most satisfied with a tea party with cookies, and always give wise counsel.
  • – Sonia little green bird who loves to take a nap, is doing even in his sleep. Each character stashed own fiery dance, and when the next job is completed, the hero is ready to demonstrate their talent.
  • Na pamyat

Pocoyo games online Another funny story unfolds in a space where friends went to play hide and seek.

Igrovye napravleniya

Vse games Peace carefully thought out, and the small players can fully entertained with friendly company, studying subjects:

    • Na lovkost
    • Raskraski
    • Na metkost
    • Gonki
    • V pryatki
    • Around huge beautiful flowers grow, the landscape is decorated with unusual rocks and mountains, and among this cosmic landscape rocket landed. Peace, Ellie, Pato and Lula begin the countdown, after which all need to find a shelter. The remaining drive should get accustomed to all the objects, because they can hide behind your friends. Make sure someone did not stand and look out from behind a corner, and then you click on it to make it clear to – found him.


      Together with Pato during the rest of the game collect bouquets of the same color. When they are down to plan, manage them so that they landed in a color group.


      Amused throwing balls at a target, it is necessary not only to accurately hit, but also to comply with color match to the target balls and were the same shade. When memorize the color palette, play with a boy and a duckling in the rest of the game about the restaurant. Pato orders vegetables or fruit, and peace should not confuse anything, even when the job will become more difficult.


    Now go to the race track, and choose with whom you have fun today. Crashed his car into another in order to earn points and push the opponent to the ground, gradually taking away his energy.
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