Furry Fights games

Furry Fights games

The enmity of cats and dogs continues now in the world of computer toys. To play a free online game Fluffy battles, choose combat cat and expose him against his worst enemy - the dog. Floats blows paws and claws, to take away his opponent's energy, health and life. Your character also loses vital signs, and to stand in the next match, it is necessary to improve the characteristics of the points earned. Initially, the fight goes one on one, then couple to couple, and later wall to wall, when each group a few fluffy, but minded militant fighters.
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Fun Games Fluffy fights

Furry Fights games It so happened that the dogs and cats are old enemies. Even a friendship with a man is not reconciled them, and user-friendly features, the two rush into a fight with a roar and a hiss. The sides are flying scraps of wool on the body are lacerations, but these two spinning a ball on the ground like a fireball. It is very interesting to know what is the reason for this hatred for each other, but the animals do not tell us their secrets. Instead, we offer the game Fluffy battles where the characters continue to sort things out, sniff, bite and scratch.

Virtualny world like making fun of the characters, showing the futility of their attempts to prove to each other their own superiority. It seems they never reached mutual understanding, and a temporary truce, it is just an excuse to lick their wounds and prepare for a new war. We were invited to take the side of one of the opposing side, to lead them to victory.

Kogot of claw, fang for klyk

Furry Fights games In the first part of the game Fluffy fights we get into the city and see the dogs, as a couple of brave warriors in armor standing on a post at the statue of the golden dice. I must admit, they look pretty relaxed. They obviously did not expect that the enemy will be typed impudence and will make the way in broad daylight in the center of the city, and under the noses of the guards to steal a valuable relic. But it happened, and the dogs are at a loss.
Their embarrassment was short-lived, and soon the city sounded the siren, and the security chief received a report about an ugly act of his subordinates. To make amends, the guards first volunteered to join into open conflict with the feline tribe. They are armed with swords and claws, and the left have some level of energy and life. Life had time to harden them, and taught not to trust the cute feline muzzles. The dogs are ready for any eventuality, and are serious.
Here is a game Fluffy battles with the incremental battles. In the arena converge cat and a dog, and every strike, in turn, select a specific skill from personal abilities menu. As you go, these skills will be strengthened and become more diverse. Gradually, the characters will be additional items, and clothing accessories. If the first dog completely naked, and as a weapon has its own paws apart one sword, then he will get a pirate bandana, then oversleeves and Egyptian warrior helmet, then a steel breastplate and helmet Viking, and finally get a robe Roman legionary. To get to the absolute strength, you have to go a long way to improve.

  • Derites with the enemy on ringe
  • Primenyayte available udary
  • Pokupayte new aksessuary
  • Povyshayte personal talanty
  • Pobezhdayte each urovne

Furry Fights games Passing game stages, the dogs will get new powers and possibilities. First in the ring, they will act on one, but soon it will be necessary to expand his unit and get a couple for a couple. There will also be a situation where one hero with improved characteristics will be fighting two enemies of the lower rank.

Take revenge

The first part of the game Fluffy fights over a clear victory for the dogs. They even managed to seize the cat king. Such ugliness would not forgive meows army, and became a squad assemble for a new war.
Well, the dogs, the price paid will hold harsh! Open the second part of the game Fluffy fights, and now fight on the side of the striped bandits. The situation should be similar to gradually pass the levels, improving feline brethren, until it does not turn into invincible soldier with a full assortment of weapons, armor, with additional abilities and lives.

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