Boxing games

Boxing games

Open Boxing online games and start playing free! In this category are collected not only the classic manifestation of boxing, but also funny, where are the cows in the ring, it is possible to work out the impact on the President of America, put black eye bystanders. There are many options, so entertainment will diverse and funny in his own hilarious.

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  combat sports lovers we offer a boxing game that deserve the title of the most destructive.  

A quick review of the basic positions of the game box  

  • During sparring boxers strike each other crushing blows with their fists, wearing special gloves.
  • The battle takes place in twelve rounds, and each participant tries to send another knockout.
  • Referees – The referee counts ten seconds, enabling the athlete to prostrate to his feet. If he can not do it, it becomes a loser.
  • There is also the concept of « technical knockout ». This defeat is awarded to the boxer, who was injured, did not allow to continue the fight, even if he stayed on his feet.
  • If both athletes have reached the end of the last round, do not lie on the floor and did not receive serious injuries, the judge reveals the winner on points received for style, technique to fight.
  • In the course of sparring referee sees to it that there were no violations of the rules, and if any, it has the right to stop the match, punishing the guilty penalty points.
  • When the battle ended, the winner raises his hand and put the championship belt.  

The origins of boxing

Boxing games Boxing, as we know, was born in England of the early eighteenth century. His fate is thorny and knew many ups and downs. He was not just forbidden, recognizing unnecessarily cruel to the people civilized. But he never fell into complete torpor and forgetfulness. Adjust the terms and conditions of the competition, the sport returns to the big stage.

However, England was not the ancestor of boxing. She just gave him a luster, and the sport was known in ancient times, as we were told murals Egyptians, the Minoans and the Sumerians. Back in 688 g e. OH took part in the Olympic Games, and on hunches historians, scientists, boxing has been coined the most famous hero, the legend of which have come down to our days – Heracles.

on the rules of Boxing ring

In spite of the fact that since then, boxing has ceased to be barbarous and many generations perfected the rules of its conduct, it is still beyond the understanding of many. Only people who are able to bear the pain and endure heavy daily training can make a career of the Klitschko brothers. If you are not ready, then it is better not to go into the ring and play boxing games online, where you will not suffer, and parents will not worry. The realistic simulation of all comes eerily believable. The head of the strike turned 180 degrees and only narrowly returned to its former position, eyes swollen, and the enemy happy as an elephant. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart.

The fighting without rules

Boxing games If you choose to unwind a bit, then go outside and forget about the rules. Here you are the master and can beat anyone who comes their way. Even celebrities can not feel safe when you next appear. Politicians, too, do not cause sympathy, and they had better not show your nose outside the White House off guard if you do not want to learn the power of the people's love of boxing gloves. But cows – cuties. In fact, they are weighed each other cuffs can watch for hours. Better yet, become one of them and win the battle rival. Many who wish to poboksirovat among representatives of a completely peaceful nature and fairy-tale world. Santa Claus threw a bag with gifts and decided to revive old. Do not lag behind snowmen and penguins. Even bees, pandas, hamsters and robots steel rack and labeled with the enemy in the eye or ear.

It will be interesting to see

  • The boxer Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko, became a super champion of the world;
  • One of the fathers of modern boxing is a circus Jem Mason, who spent his last sparring session in 73 years;
  • Dutchman by birth, Ypres Rubingh, invented Chessboxing – hybrid boxing and chess, which are held in alternating rounds. The first championship was held in 2003, and in 2008 there was the first champion – Nikolay Sazhin.   ,

Boxing games Boxing is perceived quite differently. But, nevertheless, it remains popular. No one would watch fights novice boxers, but the events of the battle of heavyweights scale Klitschko and Ibragimov Tyson loved to speculate a lot. Mark decides to advertising and the passions in the media before the fight. Long before the fight, and sometimes up to the signing of the contract on it, start mutual threats fighters skirmish in the press, as well as other piarnaya moves. During this time, the audience has time to split into two camps, supporting of a fighter. And no matter how they relate to the box, they are still at least half an eye to look battle to find out whether at the rate they have set. However, such media boxing game does not change. Anyone who was not able to savor this sport most of the year will be completely indifferent to it. But the matter is that a variety of martial arts show, as well as a Hollywood blockbuster. After all, boxing is not only a power sport. This is a game of nerves and will play the character and skills, sports long training and fast beats.

At the time, Mike Tyson aroused public enthusiasm aggressive fighting style, a barrage of punches that he attacked the enemy. But with the advent of the ring skilful fighters of the new generation star Mike diminished. But with his departure has changed a lot and boxing. After close and skillful fighters like Lennox Lewis and the Klitschko brothers do not hold is very energetic boxer in the distance, waiting for the right moment for one last blow. For example, Klitschko used tactic of breaking the opponent « small » left jabs until he opens a knockout blow to the right. But when their dimensions is not a joke! Easy left jab Vladimir comparable to the fall on the head of 50-pound bag from a height of 80 cm! Try to survive this time beating & hellip;

In the computer world boxing too caught. As in the real sport, there are few experts who wish to understand the intricacies. Most of the simple game of boxing replace conventional fighting game and the rest of the game – the lot of fans. Although it is abundantly occupied boxing online games. Here on the site www. game-game. com. ua have different options – the simulated battle with Muhammad Ali, to the office anti-stress game. So you have to choose from.

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