The Nut job games

The Nut job games

We do not get tired of funny stories involving animals. Here and now we have to play online free games The real protein created by the cartoon of the park rodents. Dodgy protein ZLYKA with his accomplice rat Buddy plan to steal the nuts, but proteins interfere with moral values ​​- Grayson and Andy. Events daring twist whirl and you destined to pass with the heroes a variety of ways during the search of nuts. When the whirlwind tire, relax with a colorful collection of pictures in the puzzles, look for the number in the picture, and make your own postcard with cute characters.
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Igry actual protein: Adventures with walnut nachinkoy

The Nut job games online Very funny story happened to create a feature-length animated film, which is based on the short film"Sullen protein." Today we have a real game of the protein, not less amusing than the product of three studios: Canada, USA and Korea. As in any society, there is a respectable, honest person, and there are those who are concerned only personal interest. They do not care about the desires and needs of others. The only thing that worries most of all his own wealth, welfare and well-fed winter.

Ves park does not like arrogant crook and thief squirrel named ZLYKA that appears everywhere in the company of the same little rat bastard Buddy. Judging by their next act, pursuing their notoriety deservedly.

Once they have noticed a whole nut cart, and decided to appropriate it. These proteins are the representatives of the law-abiding society, and will not tolerate that some rascals nuts deprived animals. This episode you will find while playing real protein.
kidnapping plan ZLYKA breaks and leads to unexpected situations with nuts truck turns and bumps into an old oak tree, which is located in the hollow of warehouse stocks for the winter all the animals of the park. Animals support the proposal, and a pack rat with a rat that did not want to throw accomplice, roam the city, where they stumble upon a store of nuts.

The Nut job games online This is a real treasure, which is enough to balance ZLYKA days, but there was not to be dreams come true. Again on the road there, Andy, and there is bargaining, in which production will be divided in half. But who could have known that a shop with such an abundance of nuts, this is only a cover for hardened criminals who decided to rob a bank.

Squirrel race

Squirrels create nimble, restless. They can not wait, when you open the game real protein, and help them to download an empty cart with food. During the trip, collect everything edible, and quickly respond to cliffs and rocks that interrupt the passage, when faced with an obstacle or fall down from a height.

Pogonya for nuts will continue in other games in the series Real protein when besides the usual obstacles appear predators that you are able to catch and kill.

The Nut job games online The purpose of each protein to get more nuts.

  • Upravlyayte arrows or myshkoy
  • Izbegayte collision prepyatstviyami
  • Ne let myself catch hischnikam
  • Sobirayte hearts to maintain zdorovya
  • Vypolnyayte zadaniya
  • Nakaplivayte ochki


Esche longer orehov

Acorns will also work fine, and they can be scattered throughout the city, and if you look closely, will be able to collect them all to a man, and in the intervals between the levels interesting to see the funniest cartoon scene.

During the game real protein anyone can create for themselves a beautiful frame for a portrait. To do this, download the game in your picture, and then fasten it around the protein, and other colorful characters from the movie.

Esche offers games with hidden numbers, where you become a real detective, scouting for evidence, as well as rotating the puzzle. To assemble a picture, it is necessary not just to find the elements of their place, and turn them upside down. This complicates the problem, but it makes it more creative, exciting. Open any topic, and enjoy fun in the company of a protein.

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