Tenkai Knights games

Tenkai Knights games

The basis of many of the virtual adventures authors lay invented legends to inspire players to play online. As a bonus, these toys are presented free of charge, attracting an even greater audience. Games Tenkai Knights Korekaya talk about the confrontation of the army under the leadership of Bigla, and forces the evil Vilius. The war turned for energy Tenkai Kvatron on the planet, and the clash of swords will not cease until the four children of the earth will not take the fate of the planet in their hands. Going on Kvatron, they are transformed into robots, like the rest of its inhabitants, to carry out the mission effectively.
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Igry Tenkai Knights with distant planety

Tenkai Knights games Thanks to such subjects as the game Tenkai Knights and animated series, we have long been accustomed to, that there is a balance of good and evil in the world.
In deep space there is a planet Kvatron, where an ancient race of long protects Tenkai energy source. It is a long time kept it a secret, but recently found out about it a hostile faction, and now the army is led by Vilius insidious attacked the army Korekay commanded Beagle. Energy Slim became the source of a long-awaited, and now he comes strongly. Korekay Warriors were stronger, and defeated the enemy, and at the same time and called it a formidable dragon. A year later, they were reminded of themselves, trying again to seize the coveted energy Tenkai.
bright again required knights to stand for prosperity. This time, they became four teenagers, who lived peacefully on their cozy planet Earth, and did not know about any Kvatrone, had no idea of ​​Tenkan. They do not come to mind that in the cosmos somewhere waiting for their deeds, and Vilius has gathered new strength with which they will compete. Once on Kvatron boys become robots, and from that moment they began their new life.

Mighty heroes of the game Tenkai Knights

Tenkai Knights games Meet the plucky four.

  • Tribeton archer who never promazhet
  • Lidendor nimble and quick voin
  • Valorn unusually strong and menacing
  • Breyvenvulf a super robot komandy
  • leader

Rebyata not suspect yet, what they have to face, but hard to train. They are happy, because always wanted to experience the real adventures, fight with formidable enemies, earn the glory of the hero.
They have a long way to go and need to be a cohesive team in order to win an army of destroyers Vilius and look for a lost cub dragon, which will help free up energy Tenkai, daruyuschuyu not only the unlimited power, but also the vital energy, and for that we need the game Tenkai Knights.

Vremya make podvigi

Tenkai Knights games advise fasten your seatbelts, going to the racing game Tenkai Knights. Crazy speed only excites characters, stimulating further develop it to the limit. The boys seemed intoxicated by the dizzying rides, drawing strength in the source of life-giving energy Tenkai.

Having the ability to be transformed, they are modified by the mega sports car to warships. A brave, strong Breyvenvulfu be serious battle with the soldiers Vilius. The enemy is seriously trained and ready to take revenge for the defeat of the former. Whether serious enemy be able to overcome the power of muscles of steel, or is out of work? From your efforts depends on who will win this time.

All Games Tenkai Knights built on reincarnation and battles. You need a great reaction and dexterity, speed, endurance, ability to concentrate and evolve in time. Train together with the guys and become a reliable defenders quantrons.

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