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Millie Megavolt Games

The presented series of the game Milli Megawolt tells about the little hero Millie, who is advancing through a dangerous territory, battling with formidable enemies. Start playing online for free by making a company to a brave hero. His swords are always ground, and stubbornness pushes to overcome new obstacles. With it you will visit high mountains, wild jungles, inaccessible glaciers, in the hellish desert and other inhospitable territories. Everywhere the hero manifests himself as a purposeful and courageous warrior, ready for serious trials, and glad that you are his partner in difficult adventures.
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Games Millie Megawolt: Samurai Adventures

Millie Megawolt games online The traditions of a foreign country always arouse curiosity, and the more unusual these traditions are for us, the more interest is inflamed towards them. In our eyes, Japan with its long-standing rites and religion looks especially mysterious. And the further we look into the story, the more amazing and fabulous looks the Country of the Rising Sun.

End today, Japan is strikingly different from the European world, trying to preserve cultural values, adapting to them the fruits of progress. Samurais remained only in legends, fairy tales, comic books, films, cartoons and computer products, but the virtual world is particularly inclined to create different stories in the spirit of anime, and we can see this in the example of the game Milli Megawolt. For many episodes, you will accompany the little girl in an adventure. She is a real samurai, and for protection she is armed with huge knives.

Judging by the bloody blades, the heroine constantly uses them in business. And they have to work so often that it makes no sense to put knives in the sheath, because the number of enemies does not decrease. Since she wanders in the most unexpected places, where people usually do not wander, her enemies are also not simple guys, and Millie Megawolt’s games are ready to tell the whole story from the beginning to the end.

Brave Milli

Millie Megawolt games online A heroine named Millie tirelessly walks around her kingdom, revealing unwanted guests. She is ready to deal with anyone who infringes upon the possessions of her father, the emperor. Millie behaves bravely and confidently, and let her look like a little girl, enemies from all dimensions know that she is a strong opponent, and it is better not to deal with her.

Only the most insidious and self-confident representatives of foreign, unfriendly lands are ready to challenge. Accompany the girl in her campaigns, and help her destroy evil spirits that she managed to breed.

Games Millie Megavolt, these are platformers and arcades, and therefore it is necessary to use weapons and move through obstacles constantly throughout all game series. You will visit the picturesque and strange places that resemble hell.

Your enemies prefer to act in disguise, sending ruthless creatures to the army. Millie has to fight off wasps with deadly stings, evil gins, scary lizards, wood lice, hedgehogs and even birds with their dangerous balls-shells. The path of the heroine is blocked by various obstacles, and she will have to cut trees, remove stones, jump over abysses, solve puzzles in order to pass her way to the next point.

Millie Megawolt games online The third part of the game Milli Megavolt puts the heroine in mortal danger. Millie so actively destroyed all kinds of monsters that she did not ignore the insidious conspiracy that was led by Ulzar, the lord of demons. He managed to grab the girl, and now her friend Kilzek ​​should go to the rescue. He is not inferior to her friend in talents, and with your help he will pass through all the dangers, but he will find and save Princess Millie, and for this you need to know a few control keys:

  • Arrows right / left moving
  • Arrow down squat
  • S Jump

  • D - attack

Heroes Never Surrender

Pass all Milli Megavolt games, and you will get so used to Milli’s company that you don’t want to part. Brave girl and you will wash mature. With it, you will become fast, dexterous, purposeful, learn to achieve your goal.

Discover the world of interesting adventure, where, along with the dangers coexist amazing beauty of different worlds. Millie is ready to hit the road, and take you to the companions. Keep your swords sharp and your head clear, and then the victory will be yours.

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