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Monsterland Games

Sometimes behind the appearance of simplicity, features of more complex tasks appear. Initially, the online games Monsterland seem so accessible that anyone will cope with the tasks, but gradually it becomes more difficult to play free fun. The farther you go into the gameplay, the more complex logic to guide. A small cube tends to connect with a large platform of its own color, but first it is necessary to clear its path by removing obstacles of a different color and shape. Get familiar with the cubic world, passing through numerous levels of an incredibly exciting, useful toy.
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Monsterland Games: in the monster world

Monsterland Games Online Not all monsters are equally terrible. Do not believe? Then open the games Monsterland, and follow them to the logical exercises. We know that you will like to communicate with colorful, big-eyed creatures, because they are completely peaceful, absolutely harmless, and vice versa are kind and playful.

They look like geometric shapes: circles, squares, rectangles. All different colors and sizes, and there are still eyes. Some monsters only have one big, bug-eyed one, others have a pair of eyes, but there are those who have four at once in a row. These creatures do not need other facial features to express their emotions.

Look at each character, and you will understand what his mood is in the expression of his eyes. After all, monsters also have their own character, and someone slyly squints, someone is carefully eyeing you. Some monsters are sleepy, others are gloomy, wary or surprised, and in some eyes there are even eyelashes, but they are not necessarily growing like ours.

game goals Monsterland

Monsterland Games Online Games Monsterland look so bright that they will surely attract the kids with all the levels of each presented series with the inhabitants of this unusual country. They will have a fascinating acquaintance with creatures who know how to have fun, and are happy for new friends. They will carry with them into the fairy-tale world of logic, and will teach you to make the right decisions. The reward will be the golden stars, which will show how quickly you coped with the tasks at each stage.

The minimum result will be one star, two is already better, but the most prestigious figure is three gold stars. This means that you have achieved the desired result in a short period of time without making extra moves.

The goal of each level is to help the kid, who looks like a small red square with a pair of eyes and a constant smile, to get to the beloved parent of a large rectangle. He is also red, but always sleepy, however, like all parents of young children. You can often see him yawning when his peace is disturbed. In this fun, only two characters are supplemented by mouths, which distinguishes them from others, making them unique.

The rectangle lies at the very bottom, and peacefully slumbers, while the little tot tries to find a way to it sometimes from incredible peaks. The road is blocked by multiple obstacles, but if you think, you will definitely find how to help the heroes meet.

Help the monsters meet

Monsterland Games Online By controlling the mouse while playing Monsterland, click on the creatures you want to remove and they will disappear. At the same time, the small cube will fall down until it encounters the dormant parent. It's easy when there are only a few layers of other creatures between them, but the designs become more complicated and you need to invent convenient and safe ways.

Doska will be an excellent slide, on which the little hero slides down, right on his father's head. As an elevator fit creatures with wings. If you wait for them to fly closer, move on them, and get off when you get to the desired point. Tilt the relatives on their side, and also slide along them to the bottom. Round monsters will roll back and push a neighbor who will knock over another, and you will be able to jump down the stairs as if on steps.

Gradually, the games of Monsterland are becoming more full, except for primitive constructions, mechanisms, levers and buttons appear, and besides one red baby, we see one more baby with a nipple. He also wants to get to daddy, wake him up to play. We promise that you will like the games of Monsterland, and you will want to go through all their game versions.

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