Games People on my lawn

Games People on my lawn

Imagine that you live on a planet where uninvited guests often arrive. Tired of excessive attention, you decided to approach the expulsion of uninvited personalities radically, and installed rocket launchers with difficult controls. You have to play free online games People on my lawn, controlling the direction of flight of each rocket to save your planet from aliens. For a more effective result, use two types of magnetic installations: blue push rockets, but vice versa - attract to themselves. Install them in a certain place for the best passage.
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Games People on my lawn: a journey to the stars

Games People on my lawn online The space themes of the past few years have been breaking records of popularity. Cinema and the world of computer fun complement each other, throwing up new ideas. The authors diversified the topic, and moved away from clichés when people repel alien attacks. Man becomes an active inhabitant of the Universe, studying stars and planets, colonizing them and entering into business contacts with humanoids.

People build camps on Mars, the Moon and other celestial bodies, extract resources and organize a constant exchange of goods. Aliens become our allies and economic partners, not just enemies. Gaming products have become much more interesting and offer unexpected plots, like during the game People on my lawn.

Marsian disassembly

We are used to the fact that humanity often has to defend itself against an alien threat on its territory, and no one expected that man himself could become an unwanted guest on one of the planets.

The group of astronauts managed to find a habitable planet, and they landed with joy. It was assumed that it would be possible to establish communication, to establish friendly contact with far-reaching opportunities.

Games People on my lawn online Initially, the local population did not seek to appear, but watched people from a distance, hidden. The astronauts managed to install residential and production modules outside the ship, began to collect soil samples and unusual plants that surprised them with their shapes and colors.

People were so enthusiastic about collecting material that they did not notice the approach of aliens. It was a military detachment, armed with laser installations. The attempt to explain itself failed due to the ignorance of each other’s language, and this led to an armed clash.

Since people were not ready for aggression, their position was unenviable. Humanoids ruthlessly destroy astronauts, tracking them in different territories of their planet. Your role in the game People on my lawn play for aliens, no matter how wild it may seem. Imagine yourself as a representative of a strange civilization, and save your planet from invading aliens.

The reason why you decide to start a war can be any. You may be allergic to humans, or their microbes are lethal to your population. Or maybe you just love to kill, feeling your superiority, or people seem to be your game, and you are happy to hunt them. The reason is not important, because you are waiting for a series of logic game People on my lawn.

What to do

Games People on my lawn online People on my lawn the original name of the game. These people and you have to be destroyed. To do this, you have rockets that you will launch at each level. There are a limited number of them for solving the mission for each stage, and the less shells are used up, the more points and stars you earn.
To help you are given two very useful installation with magnetic waves:

  • Red will attract rocket
  • By repulsive missiles

They give you, too, in different quantities at each level of the game People on my lawn. They are able to refract the angle of flight of the projectile, and before the final installation of them in a certain place, you will see a dotted line showing where in the end he will fly.

By applying the rebound, you can additionally give the missiles direction to destroy all the astronauts, and even those who hid in shelters. Use also during the game People on my lawn various force fields, mechanisms, barrels with explosive mixture. Destroy partitions and tear people’s safety cords, and then release deadly missiles at the enemy.

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