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Submachine Games

The Submachine series of online games has become popular, and we have taken care so that you can play for free. The game series presents the mechanized world with a lot of logical tasks. In order to advance, it is necessary to explore all the rooms at the current stage, find and use objects with benefit, solve the codes, pick up artifacts. The graphics used are pleasing to the eye, and keep inside the playing field. The release has a dozen of the main parts, and each has its own story, not inferior in attractiveness to each other, and keeping the players' attention at the peak.
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Intriguing games Submashina

Submachine games online The big series of the Submachine game now consists of 10 parts and is owned by Mateusz Skutnik. The release of Adventurers began in 2005, and sends players to the looped world. The plot develops from a third-party person, and as if turns the gamer into a valid character.

By the idea of ​​Mateusz, the hero awakens in a certain unfamiliar place, completely unaware of how he found himself there. This is a classic script for the cinema, but it is also excellent as a game version, and you will be not just spectators, but active participants in the events.

Master the unfamiliar world

The basement will be the starting point of the adventure. He appears in the first part of the game Submashina, and later we will see him again in the second and fourth series, but on the other side.
Having regained consciousness in a stone sack, the hero must find a way out in order to go outside, and to do this, he will have to perform actions that are natural for this genre:

  • We are investigating the space
  • We select items
  • We remember the inscriptions
  • Enter codes
  • We start the mechanisms
  • Open the door

Submachine games online Moving around the perimeter, you do not pass the levels, and then there is no talk about a constant increase in the degree of difficulty. You have several rooms that you need to carefully examine the existing caches and useful artifacts. Some things are hidden, and they still need to be able to reach. In the first series of a certain storyline is not observed, but the found part of the diary becomes the starting point. When you complete all the tasks, go outside and this will mean the end of events.

Endless fermentation

. Continuation of the game. The submachine sends players to the base of the lighthouse, from which they will also have to get out by launching a teleport. Rooms have become much more, and will have to wander thoroughly. Again, you need to solve puzzles and look into every corner to solve another mystery. For example, behind the clutch in the rooms of the lower floor of the lighthouse there is a secret door to another room. After you open it, it will remain unlocked, and in the fifth part you will pass through it again to the found room, which will undergo some changes and will be half covered with earth.

August 2006 The third part of the Submachine game cycle appeared. The character is again in the gloomy room, and continues to move. His adventure is increasingly beginning to resemble the movie "Cube", when each room constantly moved in space, many resembled the previous ones, but were filled with other traps.

Submachine games online Climbing up, going down the floor below, passing through the side arches, you find yourself in twin rooms, but at the top you can see a board that shows coordinates, which helps you navigate. The starting room is 0-0, but if you get to the right and pass two rooms, then go up a level, the scoreboard will show 2: 1.

In the final two options are possible:

  • Heroy lays a sheet on a pedestal, and leaves the loop structure of the game
  • The Hero puts the last puzzle, and begins an endless fall inside the Cycle, soon dying from dehydration

But since a year later the fourth version of the Submachine game was released, the hero was rescued by Murtorog and woke up on the roof of the laboratory. Begin new throwing on the territory, the solution of the next tasks, the search for answers. When all the tests are over, you are recognized as worthy to work in a secret laboratory. At the last minutes of the game, you have a choice of how to finish it, and for this you have to go through one of the doors. But there are still many adventures ahead, regardless of the step, and therefore it is time to master the plot.

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