Chamber of Secrets games

Chamber of Secrets games

Strange things are happening around. You wake up and suddenly realize that you are not in his room, and in a strange room. Not one thing does not seem familiar to you. How did this happen and where you are? Try to choose, you know that the doors are locked and the windows did not. This free online game Chamber of Secrets, in which you have to play to find out. We will not leave you without being told, and if they look right, for sure will be able to unravel the mystery of intent and always look for the hidden exit. Pay attention to the numbers and strings, picks up items, and try to apply them.

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In search of salvation from the secret room

A series of options for the Chamber of Secrets online games no choice and you have to whatever was to find the path to salvation. Even the most pleasant place can turn into a trap and a prison if you can not freely leave it. Some fun pose especially tough conditions, limiting your actions ten seconds, for which it is necessary to unravel the code out of the building and did not explode.

It was based on this all the toys of this column, and only your wits, agility and quick response will help to solve all the puzzles.

Options The game's plot secret room

Chamber of Secrets games Once in the old mansion, you can admire the paintings on the walls, warm fire by the fireplace, sitting in an easy chair and explore the ancient relics on the shelves. But it touches and touches as long as you do not realize that there is no escape. And, as luck would start to manifest itself poltergeists at this moment, scaring you with unexpected movements of objects and inscriptions on the walls. Even the brave stand hair on end, and yet you have not trained for survival in extreme situations. But not near as brave knight, and no one to help you, will have to cope yourself.

Examine every corner of the space and pick up items that can come in handy at some point. To know what to look for, look at the task list where you indicate what and how much you have to find. Only we have to act quickly, otherwise the situation will get out of control and you will perish.

However, if in a familiar room setting, you can not panic, it was found in the tomb in the old cemetery, pull yourself together will not be easy. The atmosphere, to put it mildly, unfriendly. Gray fog reduces visibility and does not understand it felts ghosts howl, felts owl flew to hunt. In the corners slide subtle shade. Light, too small, and only a narrow window breaks a little cold light of the full moon. What to do in such a situation, hard to say for sure. Did you look for a torch and a match or lighter will accidentally in your pocket.

Chamber of Secrets games The Chamber of Secrets online games offer escape from the prison where you were on a false charge. No one seems to believe in your innocence and rot in the dungeons just do not want to.

Experience all familiar to you methods and apply them in practice

  • make the tunnel;
  • to saw the bars;
  • go down to the ground on related sheets and clothes;  

Or maybe you have extracted the explosives? Then it will be easier to escape, unless you explode yourself.  

Alien Abduction

Chamber of Secrets games There are cases where aliens are stealing people for their mysterious experiments. And who would have guessed that one day the unenviable fate befall you. Waking up in a strange place, you do not see the usual items that could help to escape. Here, even the doors do not, at least in our earthly representation. We'll have to deal with what we have and guess as to what to use.

freedom-loving nature is not kept under lock and key!

There will be more familiar and native dungeons, for example, a school, a private bedroom or playroom. If it had not locked the door and window, it would be usual in a familiar environment. But understanding that you hold the power with unknown intentions, contributes in mind the chaos and panic. Without waiting for an unpleasant outcome, it is time to explore the area and take decisive action. Pay attention to the job and follow them precisely and quickly. You will only succeed in this case.

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