Submarines games

Submarines games

If you are going to play Free Online Games Submarines, you will open unprecedented beauty of the underwater kingdom, but also the dangers can not be avoided. We'll have to chase pirates along with Scooby Doo to solve the mystery of their treasure. Captain Nemo is fighting against predators, going against them with a harpoon. Your submarine sinks deeper and deeper, but the screw should not get lost in the weeds, and try not to get stuck on the reef. And to hold the device through a narrow cleft in the rocks, you have to be almost a sniper. On you will attack sharks and rays, attack enemy submarines, and all need to fight back.

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Game about submarines – ready to dive

Submarines games The man has mastered all the elements – I learned to fly into space and sink to the ocean floor. Conquest submerged areas started with a simple dipping at a shallow depth of man with the spacesuit, but wanted more. When there were submarines, opened up many perspectives. We can say that they have unleashed man hand – Now you can stay under water a long period of studying the life of the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, as well as conducting the war.

Technology is constantly improving ships, equipping them with modern equipment, allowing you to dive deeper, stay down longer, be more maneuverable, quieter, faster. Submarine inspired writers and writers on the fantastic stories of their participation. Captain Nemo was born, turned his Nautilus into a real fortress. About him told, as elusive and enigmatic man capable of appearing in the right place is quiet and in a timely manner to deal with the enemy instantly and completely hidden. On board his vessel was unprecedented weapons, and virtually unsinkable ship.

The Journey Begins

Games submarines are innumerable, and each belongs to one of the areas of:


  • Treasure Hunt
  • The hunt for marine life
  • Pirates
  • Logic fun
  • The military theme

Opening the game about submarines online, you are sure to meet the brave Captain Nemo, and take with them a fabulous journey, engaging in battle with sea monsters, go in search of treasure, fight with pirates, find a way through the maze of reefs. Of course, there are obstacles and difficulties, but without them it would be just boring.

Inside the submarine, you can relax, feeling safe. But beware of the huge sharks and rays that prowl around you. To show who is the true owner, declare the hunt for underwater predators and collect a good catch.

If hunting awakens in you the excitement, treasure hunts will carry away even more. Who does not want to experience the greatest adventure in life, knowing for sure that at the bottom waiting for treasure chest with sunken ships. Check the bottom of the locator and collect boxes of gold. Here, too, can not do without clashes with the sharks, so that vigilance can not hurt.

Submarines games Submarines games Will you, and scientific expeditions. A certain professor learned of the existence of a rare plant that grows only in a certain area at a very great depth. Wanting to collect seeds, he hired you as an experienced captain of the submarine, to hit the road. Can you help the scientist to her husband in his work, it is up to you.

Shaggy from Scooby Doo, overcoming fear, then scour the sea in search of pirates, to expose the secret and sinister plans, then explore the House of Neptune. He knocked it their one nice lady who knew about the unusual artifact and now wants to study them. Found items will help to open the right doors, but at every level of their guards, with whom it is better not to meet.

The military showdown, underwater attacks

For the boys we have a war game about submarines online, and they can finally shoot plenty. Events unfold between the enemy ship, and each is trying to sink the enemy fired a missile. In the water, floating mines, and if it hits the side of the ship detonate in chips.

It is necessary to carry out a rescue operation, raising the sunken ship with a valuable cargo. Do not forget about their own safety by monitoring the presence of oxygen in cylinders. Time is limited, and the campaign must be successful in order to prevent the tragedy.

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