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Survival Lost Games

Treasure seekers are often waiting for trials. Start to play free online games Survival of the Lost, and feel all the difficulties personally. The plane flying to South America is crashing, but several people are surviving, and now they are fighting for this situation to continue. You have to spend a few days in the jungle, find food and water, as well as secure your accommodation. At first, the cave will approach, but the further you advance, the closer you will come to civilization. A little effort, and you will be able to escape, having endured all the trials that fell on your shoulders in this mission.
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Games Survival of the Lost: Survive the Jungle

Survival Games Lost Online All the treasure hunters are desperate guys, ready to look into the devil’s mouth if the map shows that ancient relics are hidden there. And, as a rule, such adventurers are waiting for a lot of trouble along the way, which have to be overcome. Online games Survival of the Lost, this adventure in the spirit of an adventure quest with a plot that fits the description above.

You have a great opportunity to join a group of travelers, and go hiking for the innumerable riches that are somewhere in South America. If you are not afraid of difficulties, and you are sure in your survival skills in the wild, welcome to the Survival of the Lost games. Not sure about the treasure, but the mountain of trouble you are guaranteed.

Not everything goes according to plan

You can spend many months preparing a hike, put together the best team of specialists, buy professional equipment, study the terrain map thoroughly, but something unforeseen happens anyway, and the plan developed will go to waste.

Survival Games Lost Online The team of travelers of the game Survival of the Lost has long been hunting for ancient relics, and now their path ran to South America, but suddenly the plane began to shake over the jungle, and somewhere over Belize the engines finally refused, and he fell into the forest thicket.
Thank God, the team managed to survive. Now travel priorities change, and the main goal is to survive.

  • Explore territory
  • Collect available items
  • Use Tools
  • Build a Hut
  • . Make a Fire
  • Find a civilized home
  • Exit the jungle

Aircraft scattered on parts. Perhaps you can still find something useful, so examine the debris, and collect all that you can. The first day is rich in upheavals, so today the heroes remain near the crash site in the hope that rescuers will find them.

You will have to spend the night in the open, but in order to ward off predators and mosquitoes, you need a fire and a small shelter. Collect sticks and palm leaves to build something similar to a hut. You did pretty well, and for the first day off the beaten track.

Survive starts

Survival Games Lost Online Unfortunately, the rescuers did not find you, and you have to look for a way out yourself. After leaving the clearing, you will find a couple of caves nearby, in which something useful will be found. The cave is much better than an unreliable hut, and it is a pity that you did not find it yesterday. But today, travelers can sleep in a more comfortable place, and even boil water, which was also found.

The third day of the game Survival of the Lost will be amazing, rich in discoveries. You will find the Aztec pyramid, in which there are always ancient artifacts, as well as ingenious traps. Decipher the letters, and then get what helps you get over the cliff to the other side. There you will find an abandoned barn, and this already inspires hope for a meeting with civilization soon.

Having spent the night in hay in the barn, it's time to move on the fourth day of the game Survival of the Lost. Today will meet with the natives and access to the garden with a harvest of apples. You understand that the tests are nearing completion, and the fifth day becomes the last in your wanderings. Find out the hangar code, and you will find the plane. It now remains to find and install the chassis, the propeller, fill the tank, and bring it to the runway, from where the steel bird will quickly fly up in order to get the crew home. Or maybe the heroes still decided to get to the treasure? In this case, they continue their expedition, and we can expect that we will meet with them in a new story.

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