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Free you can play with a variety of characters, some of the cartoons and fairy tales, others are real people, and others, the fruit of the imagination of the authors. The most glamorous and popular alien creature lives in the virtual world. Meet you can run a free online game Kizi. The only alteration which misses this funny alien, he is fighting against the terrible zombie invasion, and on the side of good against the Mafia. Sometimes Kizi fun, participating in the rally, playing basketball or paintball. Members hold great time together with representatives of other civilizations, he is always ready to entertain players.
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Games games: funny stories

Kizi games In the life of each person is accompanied by friends. Some have a lot of them, others value one or two best friends, and the network is someone who comes up with imaginary ones. We offer to meet with a cute, kind alien, opening the game Kizi, to find an unusual, but very funny friend.
According to science fiction, representatives of cosmic heights have long found their way to our planet. They are carefully disguised as people or remain in the shadows, not showing their presence. Not everyone is friendly, but the hero of the game Kizi offers to have fun for free when he gets closer. It is a smiling, one-eyed, green short man with small legs. It is a bit like a cartoon dinosaur, which suggests the origin of prehistoric dinosaurs.
Perhaps, they were once brought to our planet by a certain civilization? But back to our hero. He is very sociable and loves being cared for. Not everyone will have the good fortune to have such a sweet creature from another planet, but you have become an exception, and now you can take care of Kesey by participating in his entertainment. Help him decide on a dress, bathe, feed, and play mini-games where you have to show dexterity and observation.
You will also find a good defender in his face. When he defended our planet, the enemy was defeated, but managed to break the Kesey missile. Now he has to go on three planets:

  • Fyrgos
  • Objective
  • Arksalis

Kizi games On each are different parts of the ship that must be obtained, having overcome all difficulties. Another very fun to play in the transformation. From the purple egg appears baby Kizi. When the same baby hatching from the second egg, both toddler should be combined into one new creature. Every time you have two identical Kezy of any breed on the site, combine them, getting more and more new species.
With the hero of the game Kizi, you will plow the starry sky, overcome the force of gravity, and control the sushi train. This is the perfect entertainment for kids who love to meet amazing characters and play funny, funny game scenarios that:

  • Given positive
  • To be friends
  • Care
  • Develop skills

Black and White Adventure

Kizi games The plot of Kizi Game 2 also delivers a lot of positive emotions. This is an instructive story about a boy who was unhappy with what surrounds him. Constant complaints that the sky is too pale, the grass is not green enough, the flowers are not pleased with the riot of colors, led to the fact that the goddess of nature decided to give the young man a lesson. Applying magic, she sent him to a place bordering on reality and emptiness, where everything is painted in gray and black tones. This place should become a canvas for the boy, who was instructed to paint this world in the way he considers correct.
Your adventure has begun, and from the first steps you have to solve puzzles, search for the right roads, get colors, with the help of which the hero can color this world. To do this, he needs to collect at each level pots filled with basic colors:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Sini
  • Red 1000

Tank fights

It is very interesting to play Kizi games for free, because here you can find a lot of entertainment options. For example, the game Kizi

0000 original version of a tank battle. You control a small color tank, shooting at the enemy with a hail of shells. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid retaliatory strike in order to save the life of our technology. Let the graphics be simple, but the action awakens serious excitement when a hot confrontation of enemy forces unfolds on the field.

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