Games Evil Grandmother

Games Evil Grandmother

Play for free in the game Evil Grandmother will appeal to fans of different genres. This old woman is not at all like nice, kind, elderly women. At first, she arranged outrages on the streets of the city, taking away trifles from passers-by and arranging pogroms, and therefore she was taken to a madhouse. For a long time the old woman will not linger in it, she does not give up attempts to escape from the hospital, in what city or country she would not be tried to be kept. To do this, the old woman uses all the available tools, including complex devices, catapults, because fly away faster than escape. All games about crazy granny free, run online.
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Games Wicked Granny escape from a madhouse

Games Evil Grandma online For most people, the word grandmother is associated with a kind old woman who takes care, which you always want to feed your granddaughters and give them any gifts. Free Games Evil Grandmother completely destroys the stereotype of cute older women. In them, the old woman is still quite energetic and mobile, even too much, and she can be called good with difficulty.
The story of a granny begins with the fact that she decided to go for a walk armed first with a newspaper, and then a road sign. With this sign, she beat all the passers-by on her way, knocking coins out of them. For such antics, she was caught and taken to a psychiatric clinic. As it should be, the crazy old woman does not want to be there at all, and she decides to escape. All versions of the game Evil Granny online are attempts to run as far as possible and sometimes fly away from the hospital. From game to game, she is apparently still caught and returned, but she does not leave attempts. What happens next, how far the grandmother can run depends solely on the players.
All versions of the games are different themes, granny runs away at different times of the year, and from different cities and countries, it seems she was already on the international wanted list:

  • Halloween Run;
  • Attempt to escape at Christmas;
  • Grenivud city where she was kept, here she also tried to escape from the clinic;
  • Grandmother managed to get to India, but even there she was caught;
  • After another escape, she ended up in Cairo, where she landed again at the hospital.

Games Evil Grandma online The Evil Grandmother’s games can be played for free by everyone, the versions are more funny than cruel, so the developers set the age threshold of 9+, and that’s because the player will be required to be quite agile and nimble. There is no option to download, there is no registration.

Fun Games Angry Gran Run

In the variants of the game Grandmother and Evil Grandmother against Gopnik, an elderly lady is still free. She, armed with a folded newspaper, goes to the streets of the city and arranges terror for citizens for profit. What is interesting is that her energy is maintained by accurate hits, and if the old woman misses, then the forces leave her. As the atrocities are committed, new weapons and bonuses become available to players. Over time, the newspaper can be changed to a griddle, and pills and other bonus items will help in restoring strength or make the granny stronger.

Games Evil Grandma online After these two versions, the grandmother is caught and taken to a mental hospital. The old woman is generally not a blunder, so wherever she is, her goal is to escape. Games Evil Grandmother runs great entertainment for those users who love dynamic adventures. Starting from the hospital, the old woman rushes through the streets. On her way there are a variety of obstacles, and if she can easily push people away, then a huge truck or roadworks can become a real problem. Players will need all the dexterity and skill to jump over obstacles at high speed, fly under them and fit into turns.

For those who are not enthusiastic about running fast, there is a version where the old woman decided to eject, flying is a logical way to escape. From the very beginning, players are given a simple mechanism, just a boot runs the grandmother along the board along the street, but over time, earning the game currency, the user will be able to shoot a heroine from a cannon, purchase accelerators and ancillary equipment springs, trampolines and more. Even the plane there in the store. So it becomes clear how the grandmother found herself in India and now in Egypt.

V Games Evil Grandmother to play online fun, they have great 3D graphics, great music and sound effects.

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