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City Escape Games

Escape from the city, these are free survival puzzles online. It's time to start playing to get out of the destroyed house, which has been attacked by a meteor shower. Your hero was left without parents at home, and now he has to rely on his own strength and logic. Use the available items to perform the necessary action. Unfortunately, one day is not enough to get out of the rubble, but because the fun series is built so that every game is another day of survival. Solving puzzles, you probably will be able to advance and, finally, leave the trap.
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Games Escape from the city: urban survival mission

City Escape Games Online You are waiting for a series of beautiful classic quests, and if you are a fan of walkers and skins, rejoice in the story of the game Escape from the city.
You have to play on behalf of the hero, who remains behind the scenes, but we know that he was in an unpleasant situation, and can only rely on his own strength and ingenuity, since there are no more people nearby and no one to help him. What happened, and what history awaits the players, you will soon find out if you run the Escape from the City game.

History begins

Only imagine a situation in which it seems that the end of the world has come. A little more, and it would have happened, but so far nature is training to harm people in small doses. Speaking directly, it rained on the city, or rather meteor shower. This was announced in advance, and the residents had to be evacuated, except for one young man.

No one knows how it happened, but the fact is that he was left alone in the house, which miraculously did not fall apart under the rockfall of space. Now everything is over, but it’s too early to rejoice, because it was the first wave of meteor shower, and the boy needs to get out of the city while he can.

City Escape Games Online As an adventurer, he read a lot of books about heroes who found a way out of situations even more difficult than this. The young man remembered what literary characters did for survival, and decided to follow their example.

  • Explore space
  • Find suitable and useful items
  • Look into closed places
  • Move items
  • Interact with the mechanisms
  • Collect items from parts
  • Solve the puzzles
  • Look for the output of

The found items fall into the bag, and if you need to get something for further use, just click on its image, and you will see all the contents, and neatly laid out in the cells.

The goal of the Escape from the city is to find the right path, moving on, and it will run not only through space, but also time, because you have a toy with sequels. Each part is another day of survival. Reaching the second day, continue to help the boy, study the yard in detail, looking under each bush, in each pit.

Before you a large territory, and will explore that. All found tools and items send to the bag. Remember that all this treasure can not just save your life or make it easier to live alone.

Continue Adventures

City Escape Games Online If you are smart enough, you will be able to solve all the secrets and find a solution to the accumulated problems. Each quest involves logical thinking, and the Escape from the City games are well thought out in this regard.

Continuing to overcome the levels, you are gradually moving forward. Game series and days are left behind, which means you have managed to cope with previous difficulties. But the story is not over, and chaos continues.

On the third night, a new meteor shower rained over the city, and the boy hid in a warehouse. Falling stones damaged the door lock mechanism, and it automatically clicked. Now the hero can not get out of the room, and has to study its content in order to find a way to get out of the trap.

Pass all the stages of the Escape from the city, trying to find the key. There are not so many objects inside that does not impede your work. However, therein lies its complexity, so attentiveness and a sharp mind will only help you understand how to use the little that you have been able to collect. Act and help the hero live the rest of the days in the city.

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