Amigo Coyote games

Amigo Coyote games

Another puzzle invites to play online games Amigo Coyote free, and it's time to go in search of adventure with cute meadow wolf. He is an avid traveler, and with it you will visit in China, New York, the Arctic, Peru, and pass the test in which it is necessary to preserve the honor and balls intact. On you will roll in cacti, metal spikes, attacking bats, rodents and wild birds of prey. Each time have to look for an opportunity to survive, hiding behind the rocks, hiding behind wooden boards, throwing dangerous objects to the side, to the fly.
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Igry Coyote Amigo: adventure meadow volka

Amigo Coyote games What offer games Amigo Coyote looks very familiar in terms of gameplay. Mexican prairie do not indulge colorful landscapes, and you will have to settle the dusty plains with rocks and cacti. Bring this monotony some movement on the horizon, when hurrying by passing trains, as well as the game itself.
your character becomes red steppe wolf, who decided to diversify your leisure and your. He came up with a fascinating and useful game in which you will be together:

  • Pomogat wolf soar on sharikah
  • Ubirat pregrady
  • Staratsya that the balls do not burst, stumbled on thorns kaktusov
  • Blagopoluchno pass all urovni

Vklyuchaem logiku

Vy guessed that you have to move up the stages of the game, trying to solve the tasks posed by the authors of the plot. This is a very exciting pastime as fun to watch and to take part in the fun adventures of the hero.

Amigo Coyote games The main goal to pass all levels, successfully solving the mission of the moment. In the first part of the toy is waiting for you a long chat with the cub during the 25 levels. His first test on the balls may seem simple, but here it is necessary to smash his head to find a way to fly up unscathed.
The legs of the hero of the game Amigo Coyote on the ball on a string, which is pulled upwards. If the balls burst, failed aeronaut fall and the level will not be counted. It will have to replay many times, until you find the right solution.

Posmotrite close to the site, and figure out how to remove all the debris in the path of red wolf, lest he ran into an avalanche of prickly cactus. If only one ball burst, even so slowly, but the character will be able to fly, although points for the passage will not be high. If you are not satisfied with half-measures, you can always replay by applying for the passage of a new tactic.

Vo the game Amigo Coyote is necessary to remove the bar, move boxes, trying to cacti, which lay at the top, spilled by without hitting the wolf. Some cacti are able to shoot needles standing on the sides of the site. Take cover from gunfire turn over stones, but to throw them off his pedestal should be on time.

There are also other dangers in the way of a brave hero. He will face the bats; conventional gray rodents; iron spikes; deadly mills; guns, shoot spines. The further you progress through the story of the game Amigo Coyote, the more serious obstacles to overcome that are more difficult.

Prodolzhenie sleduet

Amigo Coyote games In front of the hero has a lot of adventures, as the game Coyote Amigo have continuation. In the second part you will find yourself in New York, in order to admire its skyscrapers. Volchek decided to look at them from a height, and specially picked up new balls. But here he was waiting for the test, and because he had experienced small, it knows what to do to survive in the big city.

V third part of more tests, because now have to get out of the ravine, where the character was quite by accident. But that did not deter the traveler and adventurer from further adventures, and now we meet him in China. He does not change his favorite way to travel, and again in each leg keeps on orange ball. Help him to keep them whole, because the Chinese were not very hospitable hosts, and made a hero complex traps.

Ostavaytes with the traveler to the end, and you will be with him in the cold Arctic and the hot Peru, where he continued to hone the skills of survival in unfamiliar conditions.

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