Amigo Pancho games

Amigo Pancho games

Amigo Pancho - bold Mexican traveler, brought together the most unusual and dangerous way to fly. He holds two balloons, and those necessary to raise the height of it, but we need to remove barriers in order to protect and clear the way. Take a look to him to Mexico with high canyon, take part in the excavations of the Egyptian pyramids, and deal with predators, bandit clans and the cunning fire trap. To do this, you have to play free online games Amigo Pancho and use logic in each stage of the game, to avoid contact with the spines, thorns and flames.
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Mexican game Amigo Pancho

Amigo Pancho games Amigo Pancho games Each country has its adventurers and Mexico them is particularly famous. It was there that occur incredible things associated with mysticism, smuggling, treasure and adventure. They live hot guys and passionate beauty, and nature varies from desert to prairie green rainforest. Game Amigo Pancho occur against the backdrop of this exotic and with a bold traveler who chose their means of transportation balloons.
balloons – item not particularly reliable, especially when there are only two left. Our Pancho clings to the rope hanging from the balls, and rises. Since the game Amigo Pancho have continued, the goal of the hero is always different, although not dramatically.

Adventures of the Good Mexican Pancho

One day the boy wanted to look at Mexico, with its highest point, and he went to the canyon with high rock cliffs, to take off their tops on two balloons. Another time, he decided to travel around the world, leaving the way to move the same.
Hero quite confident and brave, and this in spite of the dangers that he often had to face during the game Amigo Pancho. He constantly have to avoid serious collisions with objects, predators and bandits. Since the toys belong to the genre of logic, you have to find solutions to the problems with which the hero and you will encounter. Is controlled with the mouse, making it easier to work, and it is necessary to click on objects and characters. Try to maintain vigilance, to respond in a timely manner to the new threat.

  • Point hero in different directions, looking for safe havens
  • Zadeystvuyte different subjects to help him uskolznut
  • Razrushayte design in a certain poryadke
  • Ispolzuyte mehanizmy
  • Vnimatelno study next area where a character is sent to the presence of spikes, fire and other nepriyatnostey

Stoit balls hit on the edge, they burst, and the level is complete. You definitely need to logic and dexterity, wit and quick response, playing games Amigo Pancho. Sometimes events unfold too quickly and you have to be ready.

Still more adventurous

Amigo Pancho games Since Pancho busy hands, he can not clear his way, and this task falls on you. Sometimes you literally have to be washed before darkening the hero, as in the fifth and sixth parts. You have something like a magic eraser there, allowing Mexican fly farther. He was shot from guns, bristle with metal spikes shot from rifles, threatened cactus spines. With character comes a lot of things, and only logic will help to get out. The new and most interesting adventure game offers Amigo Pancho 7, in which the hero again flies on his balls to escape the spikes, teeth, fangs, evil insects, tongues of fire, stones and other misfortunes. When he learned that in Egypt found another pyramid, Pancho went there to take part in excavations. It offers amazing finds and discoveries, as well as new dangers. At each stage it is necessary to find another artifact: a pyramid, a beetle, a figurine, cat, camel, and others.
Starting in the game Amigo Pancho to play, impossible to stop. Accompanying the hero, using the tools and items to adjust the direction. For example, powerful fans can inflate Pancho if he flies directly to studs. Collect bonuses, earn points, looking for the right ways to solve problems, work your way up the levels, and if necessary – sacrifice one of the balls, but keep the brave Mexican life.

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