Urban Sniper games

Urban Sniper games

Urban Sniper games - it is a unique opportunity to play one of the most sought-after scenes for free, where the weapons are the best, blood does not stain clothes, and they pay substantial money for murders. You will become a sniper who receives assignments from anonymous customers, tracks down objects in a crowd of people, accurately destroys them. Having reported on the work done, he receives a substantial fee and a new goal. In addition to a keen eye, you need to quickly solve unexpected problems, overcome obstacles, and move away from pursuers. Try it, it's like a crime detective!
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Cool Urban Sniper games

Each lives according to its own rules, adhering to personal views, guided by individual desires and moral norms. In some they are strict, do not allow excesses and excessive pleasures, others have almost no boundaries, and they indulge in all serious. The nature and lifestyle determines the profession of a person, and it is usually difficult for people to understand the motives of those who choose a sniper or killer's path depends on the side of the law.

For you, we opened the rubric, collecting all the series of the Urban Sniper games. Here you will meet the famous stikmen, who managed to establish himself as a professional shooter. He is armed with a rifle with an optical sight and a colossal exposure that allows patiently track down a target, lying away from the scene. Try to feel them, reincarnate in the hunter, acting strictly by the rules.

  • Get a new job
  • Send to destination
  • Track the victim
  • Accurately execute instruction

No right to survive

Urban Sniper games online Our hero killer or sniper? It depends on who he works for. If his bosses are people of the government, the performer can be called a sniper, because he serves the security of his country by destroying enemies. If the customers are the bosses of the mafia, we are dealing with a killer who is to be punished for murder.

The authors of the Urban Sniper games decided that we had better deal with a more noble feature of this profession, but judging by the events that are developing, gradually gaining momentum, our guy is ready to cooperate with any party. Urban Sniper games online

It takes orders by virtual mail, opening letters on a computer or mobile phone. Seeing the next message, he studies the terms of the transaction, and immediately goes to the place armed with a rifle.

We see the events through his eyes, and if he lies in a shelter far from the building or section of the street he needs, we can hardly see anything. People look like small bugs that are in a hurry on business, sitting in cars or at tables in their offices. To find his goal, the sniper must look at the scope, which significantly increases the objects.

Hover the mouse on a point in the space that you want to see better, then press the spacebar and the view will immediately increase. Do this until you find your goal in the crowd, and press the mouse button to make a shot.

Urban Sniper games online Tasks the hero of the Urban Sniper games gets different. Once he completes one mission, he is at the monitor to send a report and receive the next order. After that, he again goes to the next location, and we see him in a new refuge, tracking down a new target. You must show yourself to be a real professional, worthy of high fees. Each shot must be accompanied by an accurate hit so that the object or objects do not have time to escape.

Accuracy and Agility

The killer's career is fleeting, and they do not retire. So that once the killer himself is not removed, he must always be in shape. He must not only perfectly shoot, he often has to solve complex problems using ingenuity and logic.

During the Urban Sniper games, you also have to click all sorts of puzzles to effectively complete the mission. You should not be disturbed by the absence of light or obstacles, which are always enough in the city. Still it is necessary to be fast in order to manage to neutralize the target in a short period of time. The more complex the task, the better it is paid, and this will allow you to buy useful tools more accurate weapons, night vision goggles, sights for long distances and so on.

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