Legor games

Legor games

Fans of puzzles offer free play online Legor games, where the meaning of filling black holes with the proposed elements of different shapes. As in lego or puzzles, here it is necessary to select for each cell its part with similar contours. You can manipulate figures endlessly until the correct solution is found. The toy is complicated from level to level, but it happens smoothly, gradually, without haste. Arrange competitions friends, who quickly pass all parts of the game streak. So you will feel the excitement, but if it is not for you, enjoy the solitude and measured game.
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Legor games: developing intelligence

Legor games online

Among the variety of already created toys for logic and ingenuity it is difficult to stand out by inventing something of your own, unique and interesting. And yet, developers sometimes manage to surprise us by offering their own version of developmental fun.

Open the game Legor, and you will make a small but pleasant discovery. This product resembles at the same time a puzzle, Lego and Tetris, where you need to find the right place for the figures. The lesson offered in the series of these games is suitable for both children and adults. This is a universal puzzle game, which since the passage is constantly complicated. This happens gradually over many levels.

Next opened only after you have successfully completed the current one. A field appears in front of you where you can see the stages that have already been passed, and those that have yet to be opened, dropping locks from them. Each open level can be re-run many times to improve your score. This can be useful because it helps to consolidate the lesson learned.

From simple to complex

Starting to take the first steps during the game Legor, you will be surprised at the simplicity with which the first few stages are passed. If you think that this pace will continue, you will be surprised. As usual, players are given the opportunity to tune in the desired way. It warms up our convolutions, makes them move, gaining momentum. But the abrupt appearance of difficult tasks should not be expected either. The beauty is that you are not forced to take a fortress by storm, but allow you to reach a serious level unobtrusively and smoothly.

We play, do not stop

Legor games online

Before you gray field with open black voids. In these voids you should place the figures of different shapes so that they fit perfectly into the cells. Initially, these are two squares, but what could be simpler than placing them on the field? even the puss would handle it. Then you will have a right angle, which will make the company square. As you can see, this task does not cause trepidation. In the same spirit, you will continue to work, passing the levels of the game Legor.

The figures that you need to place on the field are located on the right side of the court outside the gray zone.

  • Explore the availability of figures
  • Imagine how they should fit together
  • Place them on the field so that they touch the sides and do not extend beyond the limits of the black void.

Legor games online

If you put a piece on the field and then decide to change its location, this is easy to do, simply by dragging it to a new location or removing it from the playground altogether. Such manipulations can be performed at any stage of the gameplay, when it becomes clear that the elements have formed wrong. At the beginning of each level, if some details are presented in several copies, they are stacked on top of each other, and we see how many of them there are, focusing on the lower edge. This allows us to develop the tactics of collecting the puzzle, exposing the elements on the site of the game Legor.


Undoubtedly, this pastime will appeal to puzzle lovers. It has a certain charm and charm, even at first glance it does not look addictive. You can spend a long time playing such a game, enjoying a quiet process, without haste, without fear of losing, while thinking about your own thoughts.


Before you an excellent product that is worthy to be kept in the selection of your favorite toys. This series will provide you with many fruitful evenings, when it's time to take stock of the day. Give yourself the pleasure of a useful and exciting activity that is suitable for all ages and genders.

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