My Kingdom For The Princess games

My Kingdom For The Princess games

It's time to prove yourself on the knight's side. Every man should be able to build a house, plant a tree, save a princess, and together with her raise a son. First, open the online My Kingdom For The Princess games for free, and while you are playing, learn how to quickly solve many different tasks: collect supplies, extract resources, build buildings, bridges and roads. There is not enough time for everything, and we need to go over all the nooks, collect gold and pearls, honey, boards and food, build a farm, a sawmill and improve the base. If you finish all your business on time, you can move on to new assignments.
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My Kingdom For The Princess games for true knights

Never imagined yourself as a gracious prince who volunteered to save the princess? Now you have the opportunity to prove your valor, turning into a desperate little one, who does not care, because you have a great simulator. The My Kingdom For The Princess games will take you to the place where the adventure begins. Once in a certain kingdom a dragon appeared, who kidnapped the princess, and imprisoned her in a high tower. The dragons do this, and nothing can be done about it. Every princess from infancy knows that the time will come when her terrible serpent will fly behind her. Young men, too, in turn prepare for this momentous moment, and when it comes, everyone should be able to perform any work, even the blackest, to successfully fulfill the mission of salvation. Who will be the best, worthy to pass all the trials, and get the beautiful virgin first, he will receive half of the kingdom, the brisk horse and the hand of the beautiful princess. My Kingdom For The Princess games online

Lots of unprecedented opportunities

Gorn trumpets, and it's time to launch the free My Kingdom For The Princess games, which are presented with sequels. Tests begin on a desert island where you find yourself on a ship.

  • Read the tablets with tasks
  • Under blockages on roads
  • Build industrial buildings: farms, sawmills, fishing huts and others
  • Collect the boards and food
  • Enter the gold
  • Removing roads and bridges

Each level, this is the back group, which must be performed. The main resources that are spent on construction and livelihoods are food and wood. Later you will need gold as a currency, and additional materials, for example: honey, pearls.

Difficulties for us at all

My Kingdom For The Princess games online Starting in the My Kingdom For The Princess games play, get ready that the levels will throw up new obstacles. You need a kind of tactic to get to all parts of the island on time. The roads branch out, and each branch is littered with fallen trees, the masonry is destroyed, the bridges are collapsed, there is no passage through the swamp. In addition, the trails contain useful resources, which can be selected only in the order of their location. This means that you can not jump over food to get to the boards. First you need to pick up the provisions, and only then return for the building material. My Kingdom For The Princess games online

As long as you have one worker, he must get there in time to fulfill the mission of the My Kingdom For The Princess games online, until the green scale at the top of the screen has completely melted. But when you have enough money, you can improve the base, and it will have one more employee. Together to perform tasks much more fun and faster. In addition, there are bonuses. When the bottom scale reaches the image of the little man, you can click on it, and you have another additional employee for 30 seconds. There are other bonuses, for example: stopping time, more resources, acceleration.

Before you several islands, and on each of several rounds. Once the first island of the games is free, my Kingdom for the princess is passed, you will be sent to explore new lands until all are dug and buildings are built. Passage of each level is accompanied by the fact that the prince sits in a carriage, and leaves the territory. Before you open the screen, which indicates all the points you have collected, and on the map the flag is moved to a new point. Clicking on it, you start a new level, trying to act quickly to keep within the time interval that you are allocated to the game process.

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