Game My Kingdom for the Princess online

Game My Kingdom for the Princess

Game My Kingdom for the Princess online.

Prince Arthur and Princess Fiona joined their hearts and were married. The wedding was gorgeous and magnificent. The guests invited to the whole kingdom and neighbors, walked for three days, but the celebration was interrupted by the sad news of his father's illness princess. Fiona had gathered in the road, but suddenly a hurricane blew a destructive force, which was not a hundred years. Tornado ravaged the whole day, smashed buildings, destroyed roads and made travel impossible. But the princess is not going to retreat, and the prince will help her overcome a long way in My Kingdom for the Princess game. Noble knight Arthur gathered the team and went on the road, and you will help him to restore the road to lay bridges, fill the pit, build a tavern, a sawmill, to renew the work of the mines. Wind felled trees and debris created, disassembled - this is an additional wood for buildings and the ability to earn a blue crystal. Stones need to buy improvements for buildings, increasing the speed of movement of workers and their productivity. Watch out for replenishment, the number reflected on the right vertical panel. On the left is the time scale, do not let it empty. To be able to complete all the tasks before the expiry of the time limit, prioritize and strategically minded. The Prince and Princess in My Kingdom for the Princess game happen to pass a lot of tests: to restore the kingdom after the disaster, and to fight with the dragon. Only actions designed to help perform tasks on time. Hire professionals to quickly cope with the job and wisely use the speed power-ups and extra-time performance. My Kingdom for the Princess - a game that has long been familiar to you, it is one of those games, which would like to periodically come back and play again and again. Now you have the ability to open a toy on a mobile device and play even outside the house, and this is thanks to html5 language. Do not part with your favorite game and its cute characters, because the old proven friends are better than new.