Ball Revamped games

Ball Revamped games

Do not touch the walls will be able to play for free, they are not just great entertainment and rest from everyday worries, but also a wonderful way to train your reaction speed and fine motor skills All games are online, so you can have fun both at work and at home. The process is simple, you need to send a falling ball to a certain place on the screen, but not everyone will succeed in doing this, and certainly not the first time. Players are waiting for many levels, each new challenge challenging maze with many traps. And if you fail to pass the test from the first time, it does not matter, the number of attempts is not limited.
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Fascinating games Do not touch walls

Ball Revamped games online It is pleasant to spend your free time, and at the same time, games will help train the reaction and motor skills. Do not touch the walls. The tasks in them, at first glance, are completely unpretentious, users just need to control the movement of the ball with the arrows on the keyboard. But, it is only at first glance, in fact, only the most dexterous will succeed in passing the level, and not always the first time. Ball Revamped games online

The simpler the game, the more it delays, this rule has proved itself in many entertainment applications. Do not touch the walls of the game confirming the theory of minimalism. Total released six parts of the game, each subsequent version challenges the players, the levels are becoming increasingly difficult, and the speed is higher, so that a poorly trained user from the first time risks not reaching the goals laid by developers. On the other hand, the fascinating process is extremely useful, the reaction is trained, the movements with each attempt become clearer, fine motor skills of the hands develop. Starting to play the first part, and having overcome all the challenges, players to the last will become super dexterous.

All versions of the game Do not touch the walls are absolutely free, they do not have built-in stores with real money, only skills and quick reaction will help to achieve the highest results. You will not need to download more than one part, one click and in just a couple of seconds the game will start in the browser window. There are no boring registration procedures.

game mechanics Do not touch wall

В games Do not touch the walls will be able to play and the children and their parents, though the kids will be difficult to cope with the fast movement of a multi-colored ball. As the name implies, the main task for users to hit the ball in a certain place on the playing field, without touching any of the boundaries and bypass all possible obstacles.

Controls are the same in all parts of the game, the ball is heard pressing the arrow keys on the keyboard:

  • The corresponding pointer sends it down, but it may not be necessary, since the free fall is already quite fast;
  • Pressing the left and right buttons, the ball smoothly changes the direction of flight;
  • The up button is able to make him soar into the upper zone of the playing field.

Ball Revamped games online Do not touch the walls of the game are very funny, as soon as the next level begins, at the same second the ball falls into free fall, the main goal is to direct its flight so that it falls into a square located anywhere on the screen. This is not so easy to do, since the user will see a variety of different obstacles on the screen, these can be partitions or electric valves blocking the path to the cherished square and, accordingly, to the passage level. All obstacles can be overcome in various ways, some just fly around neatly, others can be deactivated on the way by catching a star or pressing a button.

The first editions are simpler, there is a ball, the goal and the victory depends solely on the reaction and speed of the players. In the subsequent parts during the passage of tasks there are points, for them you can activate all sorts of bonuses lightning strikes, slowdown, and so on. The number of attempts is not limited, as soon as the ball hits a wall or other object, it bursts and immediately appears again at its original point. Each completed level brings game points.

Do not touch the walls of the game, in which you can arrange a real competition for agility and speed of reaction. Winners get to the top of the standings and can become champions among thousands of players around the world. Well, if you just want to relax, the process is accompanied by pleasant relaxing music.

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