Famous Paintings Parodies games

Famous Paintings Parodies games

Play free online games Famous paintings of parody like, as connoisseurs of painting, and those who do not mind to pass the test of their own knowledge in art. All parts are made in the style of dough, but it is not so easy to pass. The attacker hid the true images on the canvases of Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and other great artists, replacing them with caricatured fakes. Players need not only to understand the plot, but also to find the correct name of the picture, as well as to give an answer whose brush the work belongs to. In the section there are 10 parts of the game, and they are not repeated twice in any canvases.
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Art forever, scientists find cave paintings in caves, this is how ancient people themselves described their life and expressed themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone who craves to create manages to become a great artist and go down in history. Games Famous paintings of parodies will help you get closer acquainted with the works of the most famous masters, and replenish their knowledge in a very fun way. Famous Paintings Parodies games online

There are ten pieces of an exciting game released. The first part introduces the works of Picasso, Polok, Da Vinci, in all subsequent ones you can find famous paintings by the following authors:

  • Salvador Dali;
  • Henri Matisse;
  • Andy Warhol;
  • by Gustav Klimt;
  • Sandro Batticelli;
  • by Vincent Van Gogh, and many others.

Famous pictures parodies of the game, created with excellent humor. The authors made sure that the users were not bored. Children and adults can test themselves not only on the knowledge of famous works of great painters, but also to check how much cartoons from developers associate with a particular picture.

All parts of the game. Famous pictures of the parody are absolutely free; you can test your own knowledge or the knowledge of friends on any computer connected to the Internet. By clicking the left mouse button on the icon of the part of interest, it will launch in a browser window in just a couple of seconds.

Features of the game Famous paintings parodies

Famous Paintings Parodies games online After the launch, the enticing and mysterious world of painting will open up to users. They seem to be in the museum, where all the magnificent canvases from all the great artists are collected, although there will immediately be an impression that the museum was visited by a criminal, an evil genius of jokes and cunning.

Players will be able to feel like a detective from the arts department or private investigators who find out the truth. The paintings are so spoiled that it is difficult to understand the brushes of which author they belong to. Famous Paintings Parodies games online

Famous pictures parody games made in the genre of the test. Before users opens the canvas somewhat distorted, rather similar to a caricature. Under the image there will be three answer choices numbered with Latin letters A, B, C. Players need to carefully consider the damaged canvas and reply to what the author owns the work. The correct answer will bring the coveted score. If the task is difficult to accomplish, and the parody distorts the original too much, then on the right side of the screen you can find a button that shows glasses with colored lenses. Clicking on it will show the true look of the image on the canvas. After that, the chances of giving the correct answer will certainly increase.

Games Famous paintings of parody can be safely attributed to the developing. Playing them, children and adults will replenish their knowledge in fine art and become acquainted with the greatest authors of both modern times and past centuries.

Interesting is also the fact that parodies of paintings by great artists exist not only in the virtual world, but also in the real world. If you reach the end of the game, or rather any part of it, you can see the inscription that the exhibition was a great success. Cartoons well traveled. Connoisseurs saw them in Costa Rica and Brazil, Argentina, Turkey and Italy.

Famous paintings parodies of the game can easily replace boring textbooks or thick folios with pictures. They will allow easy and in a game form to remember all the masterpieces created by painters. The collections in each new part are different, not one picture repeats. If the user failed to pass the test from the first time, there’s nothing wrong with a small training session, studying the originals, and after a while errors in defining caricatures will not be allowed anymore.

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