PJ Masks games

PJ Masks games

Ketboy, Owlett Owlett and Gekko are the new names of the guys who turn into super heroes at night. To see who they are, the best free online PJ Masks games. Together with the costumes they received useful skills. The girl can fly, and the guys - one to merge with the territory, like a lizard, and the other - to catch rumor rumor. Now together with them it is necessary to clear the city of ninjas and perform other tasks.
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PJ Masks games in masks act decisively

PJ Masks games online The army of super heroes is constantly growing. Let them not yet dare to go beyond the rescue of the town in which they live, but they have everything ahead of them. Starting in the PJ Masks games in masks to play for free, you will get acquainted with the trinity of such characters.

Mild and restless

you will be surprised to see not even teenagers in front of you, but the kids, who recently turned six years old, and they went to the first class. It is this age that is distinguished by an irrepressible childhood imagination and understanding that it's time to grow up. During this period, children seem to be so significant, large, independent. Not surprisingly, sometimes they have super abilities.

Open PJ Masks games in masks for free to get acquainted with the brave trinity. She got a red suit with a heraldic lily on her hood. When night comes, from an ordinary girl named Amaya, she turns into Owlett Owlt.

  • Greg a boy who wears a suit of green color, becomes Gekko. In his new name there is a hint of who he is reincarnating. Correctly in a lizard with the ability to camouflage the terrain.
  • Connor is another young man. Like all felines, he had a sharp ear, which is also a useful ability.


PJ Masks games online Just imagine the team of the guys, who in colorful costumes are moving around the city in search of adventure. If you also dream of getting one of incredible abilities, like adventures and are not afraid of dangers, you will definitely like PJ Masks games online.

They perform heroic feats only under cover of night, when other citizens of the city are sleeping sweetly in their beds under warm blankets. Everything that Kathboy, Gekko and Owlet Owl conceived should be done before morning. As soon as the first rays of the sun illuminate the sky, they will turn into ordinary guys, and it's time for them to go to school for lessons. Although heroic deeds, it is honorable, but gaining knowledge is more important.

What would you like to play?

PJ Masks games online for free represent a huge list of destinations that you probably want to play.

  • Shows
  • Games in the masks of the rpg

PJ Masks games online As you can see, there are plenty of fun, because each group is represented by several variants of offers.

  • Tinting
  • Feedout
  • Test
  • Trees
  • Search
  • Sounds
  • Tree in a row
  • Notes

Kids in costumes are waiting for you to return their images to color. Palette offers bright colors, so that the costumes look smart, attractive. And if something does not like, these details can always be corrected, replaced with other shades.


Try with the trinity to catch in the city a dangerous ninja, who conceived something bad. Before it's too late, it needs to be neutralized, then go to the bath to wash away the dirt and fatigue.

The exercises in jumping will help to be sporty, and watchfulness develops tasks for searching. This can be a pair of cards on the field, turned their back on you or objects marked with a circle. It is useful to collect puzzles to see the picture, and also to collect chains of objects, exposing them three in a row. But this is not all, and the rest will be a surprise for those who will study this section more thoroughly.

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