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Lolirock games

An interesting collection is collected for girls - free online games Lolirok. It is worth starting to play them, how hard it is to break away. You have to help Iris, Tiliya and Aryana confront the villain Gramore. He conquered the magical country of Efidia, and now can destroy the Earth if he finds magical sapphires. Together with her daughter she hid the royal couple, overthrown by the villain, and sent them to our planet. For a long time, Talia and Aryana were looking for their sister, but thanks to the music group they were able to find the girl. Now, together they are fighting against evil, but do not forget to try on beautiful clothes and jewelry.
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Lolirok games: pleasant pastime for girls

Lolirock games online In 2014, the French animated series kicked off, and now Lolirok plays at full speed.

This is a charming game projects that girls will definitely like for the magic that runs through them. In the animated series, the events begin in the distant and magical kingdom of Efidia. Harmony and goodness reigned there, and unusual sapphires provided order. Those who possessed them, was endowed with powerful magic power, and therefore the stones should be protected.

O crystals recognized the treacherous villain Gramore. Wanting to get the gems and their wonderful power, he invaded the kingdom and overthrew the royal couple. He thought that he had selected everything, but he did not find the coveted stones. While Gramor rushed in search of jewels, the king and queen managed to hide their daughter Iris on Earth, and with her, the crystals. Lolirock games online

Time went on, the girl grew up without even knowing that she was a princess of a magical land. However, not only the enemy knew about her existence, but also two princesses named Talia and Aryana, making all attempts to find Iris. For this purpose, they created a musical group, and rally around the world, giving concerts. Under the guise of the fact that they need a third girl for the program, they arrange a competition.

Many candidates passed through him, but none was the same. Of course, in the face of the heroine did not know Iris, but it does not matter. As soon as she took the microphone in her hands, thousands of lights instantly sparkled around her, awakening the girl's magical field to life.

S of this moment, the adventures of the trinity begin, in which dangerous adventures are enough, because the terrible Gramore is on their trail. He still cherishes the hope of getting to sapphires. Heroines must protect the stones, otherwise not only the fabulous country of Efidia will suffer, but also the human world.

A now let's play

It was time to examine the rubric for game suggestions. Here are collected all the most favorite destinations in which little ladies like to spend time.

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Lolirock games online All games for girls Lolirok are very bright and positive. Having opened any, you will find yourself in a pleasant atmosphere without violence, because even when you have to fight with enemies, magic, not weapons, will be used. But you still need to be brave in order to confront the terrible monsters who pounced on our planet. If he shows even a little weakness, the battle will be lost, and the magic sapphires will be captured by the one who has already conquered one world.

To successfully resist Gramor, collect crystals and mana, and use unique attacks, and then the victory will be yours.

But the most important battle of every girl is the struggle for beauty. Free games Lolirok in large numbers offer players to master cosmetic procedures and the ability to dress effectively. Transformation into beauty, this is a real mystery. The use of masks, scrubs, lotions, creams and other means akin to alchemy. After the next remedy, the skin becomes fresher, cleaner, rouge. But in what sequence to apply cosmetic wealth, will tell gaming products.

When the face is put in order, it's time to try on amazing outfits. Heroines love to change their wardrobe, picking up costumes for parties, walks, scenes, dates. With the help of clothes they are transformed, they always look different and irresistible. Even going to the games of Lolirok walker, do not forget that several stylish accessories will brighten up a dangerous journey.

All the fun is easy to manage, and you only need a computer butcheer to complete the levels.

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