Gun Mayhem games

Gun Mayhem games

Super cool free online games. Dangerous weapons invite up to 4 people to play. Distribute keys, create your heroes, hand them weapons and recover on the island. On this closed piece of land you will find a dynamic exchange of fire, in which only one will win. Collect falling boxes with weapons and bonuses, quickly move around the perimeter, and then luck will smile at you. In these games, you can have fun alone, entrusting the control of the rest of the characters to the computer. Such a passage is no less funny and dangerous, so hold on, because at first only a pistol from a weapon.
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Exciting Gun Mayhem games

Gun Mayhem games online The boys are ready to play at shooting games for days without interruption to lessons. This section contains Dangerous Weapon Games, and there is no doubt that they will definitely like the young and the militant.

Undoubtedly, the game will attract the attention of fans of platformers, arcades, shooters and those who want to share the euphoria of passing with someone else. Games for two Dangerous weapons include all the mentioned features, so you won't be bored. Players are waiting for a thrilling adventure on a picturesque island, where they fall for a special mission.

Recharge and shoot

Today, the popularity of extreme reality shows only grows when a group of people without means of livelihood is planted on the island with the sole purpose of surviving. They have neither tools, nor weapons, but they have a colossal will to live. Having been cut off from civilization, they need to figure out how to build primitive household items, build a shelter, get food, protect their territory.

On the island there are caches where valuable items are collected that can not only make life easier for the islanders, but also significantly advance them in comparison with their neighbors. It is necessary to find such a cache, and for it begins the real battle. So conflicts flare up, priorities are set, leaders are put forward.

If you play games Dangerous weapons, you can see a similar pattern of behavior, only in a more concentrated form. The heroes are not given time to build up, but are immediately allowed into battle, armed with a pistol and a pair of dynamite sticks. This will then appear a more solid arsenal, but experience will be gained with a minimum of equipment. Weapons do not have to look, because it itself falls from the sky, locked in boxes. Whoever gets to it first will receive an increase in the existing arsenal. It could be anything:

  • Automatic
  • Machine Gun
  • Screw
  • Granates
  • Bazuka

In addition, there will be useful items:

  • Security Screens
  • Invisibility
  • Additional Health
  • Accelerators

There are plenty of

firearm models, and if you are clever enough, you will be able to quickly assemble a collection.

Gun Mayhem games online Beginners, who only decided to open shooting games Dangerous weapons, must create not only their hero, but also his opponent. They look quite hilarious, and with the help of clothes and accessories, this effect can be enhanced. For example, in the assortment there are funny caps with a duck attached on top. Or, the arrow can be blindfolded, take off his clothes, and in this form let on the island.

Available to choose the color of the character, so that it is easier to distinguish it during the rapid firefight. Then choose the weapon with which he will go to work, and press the start. In general, try and experiment, because it is really a cool toy with great potential.

One against all

One of the pleasant moments is that the Dangerous Weapon online games allow four players to play simultaneously. Even if you are alone, the rest will be managed by the program, and this moment must be determined before the events begin.

As you progress through the levels, new maps will open, but always this is a closed space from which it is impossible to escape, but only fight to the bitter end.

To control master these keys:

  • Player No. 1 moves with arrows, bracket [for shooting, a] for using bombs.
  • Player # 2 moves with WASD buttons. To shoot the letter T, to use the bombs Y.
  • Player No. 3 moves with the numbers 7, 8, 9 and the / sign (enable the digital layout using Num). Shoots an asterisk - *, dash "-" uses bombs
  • Player No. 4 moves in numbers 1, 2, 3 and 5. For the bomb is a point. " ", and for shooting 0.
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