Douchebag Life games

Douchebag Life games

Fun script offer online games life is weak. Completely free you can play the role of a character that needs to be transformed. From the usual loser he needs to become an alpha male, on which the girls hang themselves. You have two weeks to create a cool image for him, and the work is hard, and you have to start from scratch. First, help a guy find a job so that he can pay for clothes, beauty salons, a gym and other purchases. He will also need a fancy car on which he will drive to a nightclub and enchant all the local beauties.
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Douchebag Life games: two weeks for super macho

Douchebag Life games online Anyone, whether a child, teenager or adult, dreams to be popular among friends. Who would not want girls / boys to stare at him, trying in every way to imitate the ideal. Yes, to be cool is not easy, but possible. How to reset the skin of the "frog" and turn into a handsome prince, will show the plot of the game life is weak.

This is a fun simulator in which gamers should help the hero of a loser to become a popular handsome. For this you need to do a lot of work, and it is not easy to do. There is not much time for metamorphosis of just 14 days, so you have to move.

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In the beginning of the game, the life of a weakling is a completely pitiful creature. And not because it does not correspond to the picture of a glossy magazine, but in relation to itself and life. Just look at the dull look on his face. Even the most harassed teacher, not to mention ordinary people, does not want to communicate with this type.

It is not important what kind of body or clothing you have, but the mood, character, attitude towards others. A smile and a positive attitude work wonders no less than pumped up muscles and a cool car. But since the scenario of the life of the weakling brings us to the idea that only having a stylish appearance, you can become the king of life, we will follow the set plan.


  • Earn Money
  • Sign up to the gym
  • Change your hairstyle
  • Buy new clothes
  • Find new friends
  • Find with Girls
  • Purchase a cool car
  • Touch in the night bars


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Douchebag Life games online Well, that's all, the top of fate has turned, in which there is no place for the previous image. By opening the plot of the game life is weak, you take responsibility for who the hero will turn into.

As already mentioned, he needs a new stylish image. Since money is needed for all innovations, it’s time to start looking for a high-paying job. By the way, the position that a person holds also affects his lifestyle. In our case, it provides finances, for which much remains to be bought and made.

Purise hair follicles to the head, this is not a hairstyle, so in a flash to the stylist for help! And what is this stretched shirt on the guy? It is no good, so the next step is to go to the store for new things.

Douchebag Life games online Looking in the mirror, you already see a practically new person, but there is still a lot of work ahead. The elastic muscles are an important part of the task. Send your ward to the hall, let him drag the iron. On an elastic, relief body, even the clothes sit somehow more elegantly, so that the forces were spent not in vain.

The solarium is also useful in order to get rid of this painful pallor. It does not hurt a bit of jewelry, but here you have to be careful, otherwise it is easy to overdo it.

This prominent handsome and the appropriate machine is needed. During the game, the life of a weakling car will be the final touch on the road to perfection. Now you can go to conquer the hearts of the princesses of discos, without fear of rejection. If some dare to shoot such an enviable gentleman around, there are quite a few other, more compliant ladies.

Everything must be completed within the time limit for the game. In life, this takes much more time, but the virtual world is supportive of the players, and allows you to do the impossible. In this toy you will have fun, enjoying the humor that permeates the script. Looking at how a person changes under the influence of exercise and beautiful clothes, you may also want to change something in yourself.

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