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Sims games

Finally Sims games are available online for free, reminiscent of the famous series of fun, in which the player controls the inhabitants of the town, trying to bring happiness to them. Now you can play without installing a fully fledged games on the computer, but simply by running one of the versions of our portal. You can control the individual, technology or develop the city. Harness the profession is also interesting, and it will help you learn some of the intricacies of the waitress, secretary, director of the zoo, and other specialties. The most important thing to succeed in business, and how you do it, you decide.

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Sims games online A very large number of computer games out based on what some movies or cartoons, based on the works of art or comics. Most often it is the game of the genre of shooters, adventure brodilok or just arcade games. However, one of the most popular genres of games that often exist independently and have no history, is called simulators. In them we try his hand as a manager of a company, school bus driver, underwater explorer and more. One of these games is a world popular game Sims.

The simulator real life

Introduced in early 2000, the game Sims became one of the first quality games simulations of life. Your task in the game was to control the whole family, which lives in an ordinary house. In addition, you need to monitor the quality of life of each family member, you should also equip their home that they lived in it more comfortable. In recent years, it left a large number of amendments and versions of the computer game, which is popular with the absolute majority of all members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest. To date, four came full version of the game, if not to take into account the endless add-on for each of the four versions.

  • Sims games online The first part. Released the first part of the world-famous game appeared in February 2000. During the game you can control up to eight family members: feed them, to care for, entertain, fall in love and do everything that normal people do in everyday life. Earn game currency, characters need to get a job, that they bring you income on which you can buy a variety of decorations in the house, which can also be as simple decorations and useful items that enhance one or another characteristic of the character.
  • The second part. Released in September 2004 and, in addition to improved graphics, controls and other standard enhancements, had another major difference from the first version. Each character has appeared desire, in other words, there was a goal in achieving or not achieving its success is reduced. Just one of the innovations that significantly closer to real life game, it was the aging of characters: in the game you need to go through six stages of aging: from newborns to the elderly.
  • The third part. He appeared in February 2009 and also gained immense popularity among fans as the previous versions and have new fans. The main innovation in addition to higher quality of all elements of the game worked was the system memory. All vital events are stored in a special diary of memories that can be shared on social networks, thereby showing off in front of friends with their success.
  • Sims games online The fourth part. Released in May 2013 and today is the latest version of the game. The main focus of developers have made to improve the graphics component: the characters become more polished, the game character creation is now a member of a much larger number of parameters. There were feelings of characters who are just as significantly affect the gameplay.

mini-state of the game Sims

In addition to the large full game developers around the world have released a mini-game with the main characters of each version. Play the game The Sims 2 in the mini-format can be directly on our website. In addition, the site provides, and the next part of the game, to play Sims 3 online which can be directly in the browser window. Play online in The Sims 2 is completely free, without registration and authorization, which makes the game easier and more fun. Play online in The Sims 3, you can also completely free of charge and these minigames also suitable for the whole family. So, if you want to try yourself as a managing large family, build a house and raise their virtual babies – Start playing for free Sims 2 and prototypes of the next version of Sims 3 now.

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