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Game epic quest: play a guessing game

Quiz Epic games online There are quite a lot of games for logic and ingenuity, and in order to capture the player's attention, developers have to try hard to beat the competition. At the same time, the fun should not be intricate, but make you think. Not bad cope with this task of the game epic quest. A series of toys built on the principle of a quiz, where each question is given several answers. You just need to choose only one correct, and so on until the end of the game process. In the storyline of the game, the epic quest divides the passage into groups, and only after finishing with one can you move on to another. Initially, 2 or 3 positions are open, the rest are under lock and key. It is necessary to successfully deal with one of the open, as one of the locks opens. There can be up to six such headings in different series, and each has a different number of objects for identification. Since the toys are developed in different directions, the player has the opportunity to test and improve his knowledge in different areas too.

  • Car brands
  • Logos of companies
  • Countries
  • Flags
  • Heroes of comics

What's in your image?

Quiz Epic games online Let's see what the epic quest games have prepared and what will please them. In Quiz Epic: Cars must be recognized among the many options for the brand of cars. Anyone who considers himself to cast iron horses will be able to check how deep his knowledge is. Perhaps among the options there are those that will be a discovery for you. Try to quickly guess all the suits of cars on the presented logos. Now open the version of the game epic quest Flag Trivia, which will recognize all the flags, correctly giving the answer to which country they belong. Surely you were taught in school, so the task should not cause any special difficulties. If this topic you have not yet passed, that's okay too. In the quiz, you can easily remember this lesson and be prepared for school. This is a great chance to get a high score for the correct answers on a topic that the teacher will only begin to tell. As already mentioned, first you have to choose a group, and here they are divided by continents and parts of the world:

  • Europa
  • Asia
  • North or South America
  • Oceania
  • Africa

Quiz Epic games online Again you have to find out the country while playing the epic quest Country by Picture, but now from the photos. Each picture shows something that is a recognizable symbol of the country, its main attraction. For example, everyone recognizes France only by looking at the Eiffel Tower. In Quiz Epic: Comic Book to play, fans of comic books will love it, since it’s proposed to recognize popular cartoon villains as a task. Among them are Loki, Joker, Mandarin, Doctor Doom and other antiheroes. But opening Quiz Epic: Logos, see the logos of different companies. Many of them are familiar even to children:

  • McDonalds
  • Twitter
  • Chupa Chups
  • WikiPedia
  • НР
  • Adidas
  • Apple

As you can see, not everything is as difficult as it seems at the beginning. Choose your free time for your leisure time, and start the toys one by one. The guessing process is pretty fast, and you probably don’t want to stop the quiz until you have gone through all the options. There are no losers here, because the idea is in order to get new knowledge and consolidate the results. If you go through the levels several times, this will be a wonderful way to remember all the countries and their flags, it is better to learn to understand cars or learn some new comic characters. To be exciting, the game does not have to be dynamic and noisy. This is exactly the case when you get more pleasure, thinking over the correct answers.

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