Tower Defense games

Tower Defense games

, the free online game Towers and start playing exciting events right now! As a skillful strategist, you must first place the facilities on site to create the protection their lands from potential enemy. It is already there, on the outskirts, and also armed to the teeth. Protect your objects and does not allow the enemy to invade your territory. It is necessary to concede one point, as the enemy, inspired the first victory, mobilizing and his head will become even more active. Many games offer a parallel line of events – economic development with resource extraction and trade.

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Perfected protection

Tower Defense games The virtual world is full of dangerous aggressors, bringing anxiety and trouble the peace settlements, kingdoms, or even whole planets. Defend your territory from enemy invasion can be in the games of the genre « defensive towers » (English version of the name - « tower defense »), which are created in a huge set with a variety of structures, attacks and plots. During this tower defense game   the main goal of the gamer to defend   from attacks:

  • Monsters  
  • The zombies  
  • The tank
  • enemy helicopters

The principle of the gameplay at all about the same: there is a winding path leading into the depths of the rear, and on it are moving enemy troops. To stop them, you need to build defensive towers along the path, shooting at enemies with various weapons. If adversaries survive this firing, they fall on the player territory, resulting in loss of life.

Attack the enemy here is divided into waves, and to stand in a single round or in the entire game, you need to withstand a certain number of them. If during this time to miss too many enemies, the end game of life, and the battle will have to start all over again. There is a very original stories:

  • The plants are protected from insects  
  • trash cans absorb walking along a footpath waste  
  • The electronic filters destroy viruses in email messages

Organize multi-layered defense, playing games Tower

Tower Defense games Tower Defense games In addition to traditional towers with laser installations, bases gunners or archers, let the enemies placer arrows, and also special tower game may contain, for example, the construction of a crystal ball in which you create a devastating spell. Protective towers differ-range, power shot, reload speed or its purpose for a specific type of enemies. For example, a red laser causes great destruction red robots, but almost harmless to blue. A magic spells work best on goblins, but are ineffective for magicians.

More of these games online tower sold for real money: first you will have a small amount, allowing to create the basic protection, and then every destroyed enemy will make a profit, which can be spent on the construction of new buildings. Almost all of the towers can be improved. This is done in different ways: either in the course of the game, but such upgrades are mostly temporary, or between rounds that operates continuously in the future for all new buildings.

Many games offer a free tower to improve, increasing their protection by additional techniques such as earthquakes or meteor shower – but it works only after a set of special energy. Most often, free games turret with new opportunities opened only at higher levels, when you have to fight with a really powerful enemies.

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