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Toy lovers at speed will love to play for free in Shiva's online games. The hero of the presented plots is a young man on a bicycle that is capable of developing breathtaking speed, leaving rivals and enemies behind. It's not for nothing that thieves, scammers and even aliens are afraid. Agile, lightning fast and clever, Shiva will find the government at all. He deftly manages the bike and solves logical problems, straightens out robots and punishes scoundrels. In his company, players will also become faster and faster, so communicate with the hero as often as possible, performing the proposed tasks.
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Shiva Games Online In this toy you will get acquainted with a young man from Bollywood, who decided to devote his life to the movement, competitions, races. For this he chose a bicycle as the most healthy mode of transport. In his opinion, only riding a pedal two-wheeled bike is able to fully show what the rider is capable of. On how hard he is, speed and overall success depends. If you agree with the hero of the game, Shiva, and so his name is, join him on the highway.

Set on speed

Shiva Games Online In the company of the main character, players invariably feel an emotional upsurge, which is quite natural, because the desire to win encourages us to move faster.

Since Shiva's games are basically racing tracks, they all offer similar conditions for passing, and also:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Easy operation
  • Most of gradually increasing levels
  • Traffic on the basis of laws of physics
  • Resolving passion

Everything starts with simple levels where there is nothing complicated, and it seems that the whole game is elementary. But with the appearance of new barriers, this impression will soon be dispelled. If in the beginning the track was practically empty except for small obstacles, then the limit concentration will be required later. It is worth a little zazevatsya, and you can crash into unexpectedly appearing items on the road or other vehicles.

Suzhet game Shiva is thought to be so, in order to keep attention constantly at the peak. And to play was even more interesting, along with the race there is an additional scenario.

Sweet Adventures of Shiva

From time to time in the village where the boy lives, the evil Jeval Sing appears. He descends from the mountains, taking with him the assistants of the drones. Only Shiva has the courage to speak out against him, and the magic bike helps him. In pursuit of the villain, you have to jump on the platforms, just try not to use each one more than once, otherwise the wooden flooring underneath you just crumbles.

A lot of work in the fight against crime in the hero and in Vegas, where a certain gang established its draconian laws. Opening Shiva games, rather rush to where your help is required. In rare cases, the boy will have to leave his bike to deal with another trouble. For example, the plot of the game Shiva Infectors will send you to the underground lab to destroy the robots of the killers. They spray in the air a dangerous drug that destroys in 10 kilometers all living things. To correct a situation it is possible only with the help of an antidote extracted in certain zones, and its color should be the same as the source of the infection.

Shiva Games OnlineOn the second time, show logic and ingenuity, luring the robbers into a trap. It was invented before you, but it is required to include it. It's not an easy task, and it requires concentration to properly turn the levers, press the appropriate buttons and run the guard lasers.

Although Shiva managed to become famous for his exploits, and he has failures. Once the criminals managed to distract him, and to steal the bike himself, in order to deprive the boy of advantage. But in their cunning they went further, and captivated the hero in a faceless maze, where everything around is gray and there are no landmarks. Your only salvation is the map in the corner of the screen where the young man is marked with a red square. Acting arrows of the keyboard, and direct it to the green mark, this is the way out of the tunnel.

As soon as you cope with this mission, you will have an even more fantastic battle with the aliens. Shoot the space ships and asteroids, preventing them from entering our planet.

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