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Layer Maze games

Love games on logic and orientation in space, then welcome to play free games Layer Maze. You have to solve puzzles, mazes pass, collect items.
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Games Multi-level maze: we train spatial vision

Layer Maze games Entertainment in the form of the passage of a maze is very old. The grandees planted bushes in the garden in the form of winding corridors, and during the evenings they frolicked inside him in search of a way out and each other. Since the bushes were taller than a man, it was difficult to navigate the direction, and it was fun.
Everyone knows the labyrinth of the Minotaur, in which lived a terrible creature with a bull's head and a human body. No one could find a way out of the labyrinth, and it turned out to be in the clutches of the Minotaur.

The intertwining of corridors is so confusing that it is possible in it for days, but one can never find a way out. As a rule, there are no landmarks in them, but experts say that if you keep to one side, turning only right or left, there will definitely be a way out. This statement is erroneous, since not all labyrinths have a circle at their core, and many corridors are able to send in the wrong path or offer several options for movement.
An example of a difficult choice is the Multi-level Maze game, in which you have to spend a lot of time before finding a way out. For the safe passage you will need the ability to navigate in an unfamiliar space, considering it in different planes.

What is the highlight of the game?

Layer Maze games Usually the player sees the maze with all its moves and branches, and all that remains is to move along it, looking for the right way forward. While playing the Multi-level Maze, you are deprived of this privilege, and you can see only a part of the corridors and a green sign with the exit. To see the hidden passages, you need to switch to another mode, but in this case the exit plate is no longer visible, and if you do not keep the previous picture in memory, it will be difficult to navigate.

  • The arrows on the keyboard allow you to move in the right direction
  • The buttons A and Z will help you see the maze in different planes (modes)

We dive into the puzzle

You will control the ball, focusing on a red background. Bringing the ball to a dark square, use the button to switch to another mode, and you will see new passes. Passing through the opened corridor, again activate the button, and now a new reality has opened up before you. Once in the dark square field, you can’t move on unless the next plane with new passages is open.

Layer Maze games At the beginning of the Multi-level Maze game you will only have to wander in two planes, but the further you progress through the levels, the harder it is to find a way out. Instead of two planes, three appear, then four, and this is not the limit, each offering its own segment of the path.
Orientation is becoming more difficult, but much more interesting.

Multi-level labyrinth games offer several series, and each contains an add-on. For example, in the second part you need to collect keys, wandering around the different layers of the maze, and to understand which one you are currently at, look at the scale on the right side of the screen.

In the third part, we only collect stars, but also compete with time itself. Gambling players will find the scoreboard with running numbers very useful, because this is an occasion to set a record for passing. The experiments do not end there, and the fourth part introduces an additional task. Now, it was only possible for a ball of a certain color to pass through the passage to a new level. To change the color, look for colored blots in the planes, and dip your ball in the right one.
This is not all versions of the Multi-level Maze game, and you’ll have to get to know the others on your own.

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