The Happos Family Games

The Happos Family Games

Hippos in the zoo never call a full house, and they have few visitors. But if people knew that they were capable of doing these lazy and slow animals at first glance, they would be very surprised. In order to learn their secret, you should open and play Family Happos games for free. You will meet Floret, Ballerina, Handy, Athletic, Party and Stunt. When the zoo is empty, they dress up, take out toys, and during games I use super powers. They easily fly into space, just wearing a Superman costume or charging a gun. What else they can do, find out for yourself by studying the rubric.
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The Happos Family Games

The Happos Family Games Online toys based on cartoons have become the norm. The more interesting, more unusual and more fun the animated version, the more exciting and computer versions. Now we invite you to join the heroes of the game Happos Family with the blue hippo from The Happos Family.
Events take place in a European safari zoo, where animals are created conditions close to their natural habitat so that they are happy. Of course, this is only an imitation of real nature and freedom, but better than sitting in cages.

In one of the plots unusual blue hippos settled. During the day, while visitors walk around the zoo, they pretend to be quite ordinary boring animals, who only know how to lie in the mud or rest in the shade of the trees. But as soon as the gate closes behind the last person, the pets instantly change.

With them instantly boredom flies, and out of nowhere, items of clothing and toys appear, and a mud puddle suddenly turns into a pool with high springboard. The Hippo family loves to have fun playing soccer, catching butterflies, shooting a cannon, and one of them is the core.
Every day something new appears, and here the cartoon characters and the games of the Hippo Family are trying to solve another problem. Their approach, I must say, is always original and peculiar, because they are not looking for easy ways, but do everything with a twinkle and enthusiasm.

What do hippo do on a weekday?

The Happos Family Games Meet the members of the family:

  • Handy
  • Colors
  • Pati
  • Trueers
  • Balerina
  • Sports

The series of Happos last only 2.42 minutes, but this is enough for the heroes to find and solve the problem. They do not plan anything in advance, but the adventures are always there. One day, a hippopotamus safe fell from the sky in an open-air cage, and they tried to open it to see what was inside.
One of them likes to dress up as Superman, and now she will be dressed in blue tights and a raincoat. And when this vestment is on him, super powers appear. The Hippo tried to cut steel with a laser, froze and even threw stars from the heights of the stars to the ground, but nothing helped until a butterfly sat on the handle of the safe and it fell off. Inside there was a cake, and each of the friends wanted to eat it himself, which was why the heap was small.

The Happos Family Games Happos Family Games do not miss the chance to beat the situation from the cartoon in their own way. In one of them, the hippopotamus Tukachak, the one who likes to wear a yellow helmet, used a gun to give himself acceleration for flight. So he tried to get the ball out of a huge puddle, when someone accidentally sent him there during a football match. But every time Trick was not lucky, and he flew past. Then a hippo dressed as Superman came to the rescue, deftly performing the flight trick and saving the ball.

During the game of the Hippo Family you have to help the Stuntman to complete his flight, but this time he will collect the stars. To do this, lift the gun at such an angle that the mission was the most effective.

Also, you will enjoy the Happos Family version of the game, where they cut their own portraits just like fruit ninjas do. The smaller it turns out to crush the cards, the better, but it is enough if you just divide them in half. Periodically bombs will appear, which can not be touched. If you blow up three of them, the game will end.
Open the game Hippo family, and enjoy every moment of communication with the characters. Among them there are fun for action and creative coloring, where you have to help the characters to meet the winter holiday days, making them truly magical.

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