Badminton games

Badminton games

The gameplay resembles racquetball tennis rackets but smaller, and it is necessary to beat the birdies. Fun this could be called a universal folk. You go on a picnic, beach or just go play in the yard with friends, grab this game and active gay vacation is provided to you. We have also presented it for free online, so you can play, if the outside weather. To you join Disney characters, cute babes in bikinis, drawing men and more you will learn about the Chinese badminton, which is not so radically different from the usual.

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The history of the game of badminton

Badminton games online

It is difficult to say how old game of badminton. On the one hand there was the ancient Indian game "Puna", reminiscent of the modern game of badminton, and that really enjoyed playing British officers in the XIX century. But first Golf built on his estate Duke of Beaufort in 1873, as an avid sportsman and author of books on the subject of sport, and after 20 years in England published the official rules of Badminton.

In the contest compete in two or two pairs, throwing birdies over the net in the middle of the court with the help of rackets. It recalls tennis racket, but has a fragile structure. But it need not be massive, because the shuttle is pretty easy. Previously used natural shuttlecock feathers now practical to use plastic. They are better balanced and more durable. The fan made of feathers or plastic funnel webs connected in the center, forming the head of a synthetic material or cork.

A little about the rules of gameplay

Badminton games online

Another common feature of badminton and tennis – marking the site on the sector with a net in the middle. Player plays shuttlecock, beating an opponent. It is unacceptable that he fell to the ground – it is considered a loss. There are rules that determine the winner:

  • Post or discourage the shuttle so that the opponent does not catch it, and it fell on its territory.
  • The shuttle should not fly out of bounds. Who has not calculated the pitch and sent it too far, has played into the hands of the opponent.
  • The opponent was foul.
  • It is unacceptable to touch the racket and body of the grid.
  • brings to the loss situation when the shuttlecock hits the net, it is not flying.

The beach badminton is simpler – people play for fun and just try to keep the shuttlecock in the air longer. It is possible to score points for the sake of excitement, but you can refuse it.

Surprisingly, badminton became part of the Olympic Games, however, it happened only in 1992.

Very funny game Badminton online

Badminton games online

Remember the summer when it's time to hide skis and sledges, playing badminton online help. They are full of rich colors lawn sunlit. Type the characters makes carefree smile and to feel like in a clearing next to them.

That began drawing of the first round, and you vigilantly follow the movements of the shuttle, in order to react in time, running it back. Cheers – happened! Delight overwhelms and inspires the next blow, which should become more confident. You can invest in the power stroke and change the direction of the shuttle, to confuse the enemy.

badminton game free to play especially nice when you meet Disney characters, ready to show off their skills in this wonderful sport. Also, it is played Smeshariki, Kapitoshka, animals, stikmen. With this game the dispute decide street gangs. Star kids like badminton, where on-site, like a starry sky, compete two little stars.

If desired, you can play fun together, where everyone is in control of his character. This option is especially popular with gambling and friends.

A couple of interesting facts

In 2009, athlete from Malaysia did strike the shuttle, running it at a speed of 421 km / h. However, it was not done during the match, and in the laboratory. In 2010, he brought in the Guinness book.

Sidek-spin – so-called feed twined shuttle unpredictable flight path. He also invented the Malaysian – Misbun Sidek in 1980. It was a revolution in badminton, but soon the strike banned because it spoils the shuttlecocks.

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