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Want to make friends with a cute fluffy vampire? Then open free online Bannicul games to play in familiar directions with new friends. Meet the vampire rabbit and his company - the cat Chester and the dog Herold, who live in the house of the girl Mary. You are waiting for amazing adventures while hunting for a huge diamond, fighting with mutant vegetables and clashing with ghosts. It’s also interesting with heroes to look for identical pictures and put puzzles. Images tell fascinating stories that open with each folded illustration.
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Almost the mystical Bunnicula Games

Bunnicula Games Meet the Vampire Rabbit Bannicule games based on the multi-part cartoon. The story of this cute rodent is a little sad, because he is completely different from his brothers and sisters. His red eyes, sharp fangs, webbed wings instead of ears, fear of light and a nocturnal lifestyle clearly hint at his vampire origin. In addition, he goes to bed in a small coffin, which also alarms relatives.

For many years he spent in the basement of an abandoned castle, plunged into a calm sleep. But one day, a girl Mary, walking nearby, found the key, and guessed that he was from the door lock in the dungeon, where the rabbit hid. At first she was frightened by the appearance of an unusual animal, but quickly realized that a kind soul was hiding behind an unusual appearance. In addition, the rabbit did not need blood at all, but just carrot juice.

Mary took him home to her two other pets, the black cat Chester and the dog Herold. At first, the newcomer was not particularly happy, especially the cat, but how can you resist such a charming creature for a long time?

Heroes and their adventures

Although the game's bannicule was born thanks to the cartoon, it’s completely independent products representing several gaming areas:

  • Puzzles
  • Memory Cards
  • A Walkthrough
  • Agility and speed
  • Logic

Communicating with the heroes, you get a lot of pleasure. For fans of the puzzle, there are several plot options. The pictures depict the rabbit the main character of the game Bannicula, as well as his new friends. You can see them in the illustrations, among which you have to find two of the same. This is a great mindfulness and memory training, so don't miss the fun. Still need to help the dog Gerold go down from the chandelier. How he got there is unknown, but he got stuck there. Drag items to specific locations indicated by contours that look like geometric shapes to create support. Take a closer look, and you will find what corresponds to a triangle, a square, a rhombus, a polygon, and other shapes. Just fix the item with the mouse and drag it to the center of the outline.

Bunnicula Games Bunnicula Games The rabbit will also have important tasks. For example, he will become the guardian of our world from the spirits that came from another plane. As you know, a mirror serves as a portal there, and during the game Bannicul, the rabbit must quickly respond to visitors in order to send people home through the mirror and close the passage before the spirits, lowering the curtain. It is especially difficult to do this when the living and the dead stray into a single stream.

The vampire nature of the rabbit often pushes him into adventure. Once he learned about a damned diamond, but was not afraid, but decided to get it in any way. Accompanying him on such a dangerous campaign, help the adventurer to fulfill his plan. To light your path and not get into the web, light torches. And when the jewel is with you, hurry back before the fire burns the brave man.

Banniculum Games continue to test you for mindfulness and endurance. Get ready to fight the vegetables to the monsters that grew in the garden along with the regular ones. When the crop is harvested, it remains to sort the vegetables and put them in the pantry. The tape receives carrots, potatoes, beets and other root crops, but werewolves come across among them. So they need to be destroyed using poison from the tank.

Opening the Bannicule of the game, you will find many pleasant surprises. Even familiar genres may look new. Invite your friends to spend time together and feel free to explore the proposed collection of fun.

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