Ferdinand games

Ferdinand games

If you like to play free of charge based on cartoons, you will like Ferdinand online games. This is a comedy about a young bull that planned to enjoy juicy grass and tender sunshine all his life. He could not think that he would be sent to Madrid to participate in a bullfight. Good by nature, Ferdinand cannot harm anyone and does not tolerate pain. But they demand ferocity from him, and therefore he will have to figure out how to deceive everyone. In order to help the hero, play puzzles, find identical cards, differences and objects, and even practice your speed, quick wit and agility.
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A here and the Ferdinand games!

Ferdinand games 2017 A new American full-length funny cartoon "Ferdinand" from the director Carlo Sildan was released, and has already managed to please the audience on the screens. Any successful cinematic project is always a tasty morsel for computer fun developers. They briefly rubbed their hands from anticipation, and are ready to submit the game Ferdinand to your court.

The main hero of the story is a bull named Ferdinand. Although he looks fierce, in fact, he is a kind-hearted character who grew up on free bread. All his care is to graze on green grass, sniff flowers, admire butterflies and sunsets. At least, it was in this mode that until recently his carefree life proceeded.

Although Ferdinand knew that other bulls love fights and even participate in battles, he was not attracted to such a career, because he is a born pacifist. It was difficult for him to even imagine himself in the ring, because he did not possess either sufficient dexterity, or grace, or quickness. If we paraphrase the saying about an elephant in a china shop, only take a bull instead of an elephant, the situation will turn out just about the hero of this story.

Ferdinand gamesBut according to popular belief, what you most fear and happens. Once the farm owner decided that Ferdinand should perform in the ring in Madrid, and from that moment on his quiet life ended.

Nothing can be done will have to train, although the very thought of a fight caused disgust and fear in the bull. Other bulls made fun, seeing the awkwardness and other shortcomings of the new member of the bullfight. It is good that there are friends ready to help, even if they belong to another species.
Attempts to make a fighting bull out of Ferdinand took a lot of time, but its result did not improve at all. But if you can’t make yourself hurt someone, try to frighten you by taking an awesome look. Perhaps this will be enough to wrap the enemy to flight.

Help the bull in his endeavors

In the process of training with the characters, many funny, funny and hilarious situations occurred. Of course, they are difficult to convey during the game Ferdinand, but even those scenes that are presented, will give you a lot of fun minutes. You will see the friends of the main character hedgehogs, chipmunks, goat, and play in the following game directions:

  • Labyrinths
  • Catching items
  • Search and Difference
  • Memory Cards
  • Puzzles
  • Races
  • To agility

Ferdinand games Training, training and training again only so the hero of the game Ferdinand has a chance to get out of the situation with dignity. Legendary bullfighter El-Primero, who has many victories, will take the lead against him. In order for the meeting to be in favor of the bull, he should stay in shape, honing his skills on the barrels.

One of the toys just offers this opportunity, but you have to be careful not to smash your head and break the horns on the stone wall, and not to touch the pink rabbit. Your goal is wooden kegs, which must be broken to earn points.
Another test is to sharpen stamina and speed. Rivals have gathered at the stadium, and you have to beat them in races. There will be inevitable obstacles along the way, so caution does not hurt.
There are also games of Ferdinand, where several directions are collected in one box. First, complete the puzzle, then help the hedgehog in the maze, and the trilogy will complete the search for differences. In each mini-toy there is an opportunity to choose the level of complexity, and it is necessary to pass them for speed. All games of Ferdinand to some extent resemble the cartoon script, after all, training drums, and other moments are also present there.

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