Turbo Fast games

Turbo Fast games

Anyone can participate in the race, so why not snails? If you play for free in the online game Turbo FAST, you will see how fast these clams can be. In addition to the main character, you will meet the members of the rest of the team: Chet, Knut, White Shadow, Skidmark, Smuva and the only lady named Burn. Each carries its own important function - working as a mechanic, evacuator or manager. But the most interesting thing goes to the racers, and you together with Turbo have to prove that he was not in vain got the title of the world's fastest in the world. Go to the track, and let the best win.
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Turbo Fast games

Turbo Fast games Turbo Fast games Who said that snails can not participate in races? Opening the game Turbo Lightning team, based on the American animated series, released on screens in 2013 , you can't say for sure. By the way, there is a full-length cartoon where the main character is a garden snail, won the race and received a huge cash prize.

How do you think he did with the money? Many of them with might and main would have begun to have fun, but not Turbo. He loves sports and his friends so much that he decided to use the wealth that fell on him for the benefit of others, namely to build a snail town. Just imagine how happy everyone was, because now every snail had its own beautiful house. But most importantly, the best racing circuit in the district appeared in the new metropolis, where you can train every day, improving your already excellent skills.

No one would expect such agility from a regular snail, but the main character of the animated film and Turbo Lightning-fast team of the game proved that the surrounding people had a bias towards their appearance. If you really want, nothing is impossible, and through training you can achieve amazing results. And this is not just a rant, but the truth, because Turbo was recognized as the fastest racer on the planet.

Why snails do not stop at the achieved success, because the main thing in a racing driver's career is to stay on top of Olympus. Yes, and the track does not have to be always the same. A true professional can win in any conditions and overcome any obstacles.

Someone else's fame has always aroused the jealousy of competitors, and there will always be those who want to take the title of champion. This is called wrestling, because without a strong and confident opponent there will be no new victories. And because Turbo is not afraid of the call, even if it comes from the stronger and faster, at first glance, representatives of another species.

Once, the snails were challenged by offering to show, they are also good at bobsleigh, like on a well-groomed flat track. In this kind of competition several teams registered:

  • Chicken Brotherhood
  • Toilet frogs
  • Down Butterflies
  • Gangs of Rodents

Heroes Games

Turbo Fast games Turbo Fast games Opening the game Turbo Lightning team, you will meet the members of the team leading race driver:

  • The Snail The white shadow is large, fearless and clumsy, but with a big and bright soul. He is very strong and you can rely on him.
  • Snail Thr Brother Turbo, and its complete opposite. Cautious in making decisions, and in the team holds the position of business manager.
  • Snail Knut is a real showman, who puts victory in the background, preferring a bright performance. Fearless, honest, reliable and expert on improvisation.
  • Silmark Skilmark mechanic with a passion to improve everything. She loves explosions.
  • Snail Girl Burn completely corresponds to its name. She has adrenaline dependence, has a sharp tongue and is not afraid of difficulties. You will see her during the Turbo Lightning command game.
  • Snimka Smuv cool and stylish. Do not part with the music, under any circumstances.

Forward to victory!

The plot of the Turbo game. Lightning team is fully consistent with the version of the cartoon, and the main theme to be developed race. Choose a snail, and go to the track.

The control is done by the arrows "right" and "left". The track all the time wags, and most importantly with it not to fly. Also, do not crash into rivals, which you will overtake. When you reach the finish line during the Turbo Lightning command of the game, you will see the result of the race, which can be improved during the new round.

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