Play Maleficent online for free, no registration

Play Maleficent online for free, no registration

The games of Maleficent are completely new stories about the sorceress, whom everyone has long considered evil, but she turned out to be more humane than many people. Game products are created based on the fantasy film, which at one time “paraphrased” the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”. Online games for girls are presented in their favorite genres. Here you will find directions about fashion, and exciting adventures, and magic. When meeting with the main character, you can talk not only with an adult sorceress, but also see her very small when she was a young fairy. A beautiful story awaits you, and you will become a part of it.
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Maleficent Games based on a fairy tale

Maleficent games appeared online thanks to the Hollywood fantasy movie of the same name, which was released on world screens in 2014. Although the scriptwriters tried to present an interesting story to the audience, this is actually a remake of the Disney full-length cartoon Sleeping Beauty 1959. and a free interpretation of the original tale of Charles Perrault.

The main character is the evil fairy of the Milificent, whose role was played by Angelina Jolie, having managed to soften the obvious feminist mood of the plot, giving the film a romantic charm. Indeed, in fact, she was not always a villain, and it was the betrayal of people that made her like that. The sorceress remained faithful to herself and the forest people, who continued to defend against the invasion of the king’s army.

A Tale Begins

Little Melificent always lived in swamps surrounded by animals and other fabulous creatures. Once having met the boy Stefan, she became friends with him and began to trust. However, as he grew older, the young man began to move away, while their relationship did not change at all.
Everything changed completely when King Henry decided to seize the swamps by force, but lost. Mortally wounded, he promises to any hand and heart of Princess Leila who will destroy the evil witch. And what was the surprise and disappointment of Melificent, when Stephen first warned her of the danger, but then he drank a potion and cut off her wings.

The revenge is a dish that is usually served cold, and therefore the insulted and humiliated sorceress waited until the offender had a daughter, and cast a spell on her. Reaching 16 years old, little Aurora must prick herself with a spindle and fall asleep, and only a kiss of true love can awaken her.

Melificent and did not suspect that she would fall in love with the girl as her own daughter. When she turned 15, she tried to remove the imposed conspiracy, but could not, and the destined happened. The difference from the original tale is that the kiss of the young man could not dispel the spell. Since the fairy herself had a motherly love for Aurora, it was her gentle kiss on the forehead that helped the girl wake up.

While still trying to deal with Melificent, King Stephen died, falling from a high tower, and therefore Aurora became the new queen. The story ended with a happy end, everyone got what they deserved, and good triumphed.
If you have not seen this fascinating film full of magic and colorful special effects, be sure to watch, but for now we offer to open Maleficent games, which also have a lot of interesting things.

Game genres and directions

Staying in this section, you definitely will not have to be bored. Here are the most popular Maleficent games for girls:

  • Dress Up
  • Search for items and differences
  • Puzzles
  • First Aid
  • Makeup
  • Adventure

You will see the main character not only as an adult, but also that little girl, when she still did not recognize the bitterness of betrayal, but enjoyed communicating with friends, and dreamed of a wonderful future. You will like to play Maleficent games online, because they do not hide anything, but show the problems that teenagers have acne, love relationships, fashion.
Help the young fairy cope with all the tasks, and the wardrobe, medical kit and cosmetic bag will help in this. Experiment with outfits, use the provided cosmetics, treat abrasions and cuts.
Also, the free games of Maleficent offer to test oneself for quick wits and attentiveness. More than once the sorceress will have to look for a way out of the trap, and even fight the king’s army with the help of magic and improvised combat shells.

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