Skating games

Skating games

The ability to roller skate even useful – if the school is not very far, you can not bounce back on the bus and on the rollers, of course, weather permitting. They are like horses with wheels, and therefore it is not necessary to wait for the winter to ride. True professionals prescribe complex shapes, overcome obstacles and develop a tremendous speed. You can play games online free videos, not to worry parents. They clearly show you how dangerous it is to neglect the safety rules, forgetting to wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads.

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Skating by Category:

Skating games Online Games videos without injuries and bruises

In the XVIII century the first movie, but became popular only in the XIX, and now acquired different directions in the way of riding, and are an excellent way to actively spend leisure time with family or friends. Who knows how to skate on the ice, quickly mastered and skates with wheels. Because they are traumatic equipment, be sure to need protection for the knees and elbows, do not forget about gloves and helmet.

Modern roller skates are different from those on which rode your parents. Then they were four-wheel and attached to a metal plate that pushes and was about the size of his feet. Riding them was not so comfortable, even though they seem to be more resilient. Improve and material for wheels themselves. If the preceding were made of plastic or solid rubber, the current – silicone. This springy and durable material, which does not make noise when sliding movement and makes precise. And as actively develop various directions skating wheels vary a lot in diameter, hardness, profile and type of hub.

But the need is no longer in the above, if you run the video game. These products are self-contained, and can ride any style, just enjoying the process and without fear of injury. Few of the existing methods of slip-on video:

  • Skating games gym.

This is the first use of rollers. But the old tools were not allowed to ride on the street, but only in special rooms with a flat floor.

  • Pokatushki and games on the rollers.

If you are going now, rollers scheduled route and move to the goal. When you want diversity, organize games with teams assignments. Often it resembles the yoke of catch-up, when one group of skaters chasing another, and called – telltales. So you can play games on the rollers in our category.

  • Speed ​​skating.

In the speedskating skaters compete on speed – who will take the first distance. A daunhille move down the slope, gradually gaining acceleration.

  • Aggressive skating.

The basis of this direction – glide (grind – sliding on any surface without touching it wheels; slide – lateral sliding wheels on the plane). It is also possible to distinguish three main types of aggressive skating: street, park, vert. Start playing games on the rollers, and discover the art.

Street (or freestyle) – the ability to use street barriers to show tricks. It leaps over the railing, fences, pipes, benches. Park & ​​ndash; skating takes place in special skateparks. There are buildings that are not found in the streets curved ramps, half and quarter circle. Werth – skating ramps inside.

  • Skating games Sport skating.

recalls skating speedskating. There is even a jump, when the speed of the roller is to jump higher, and then get on its feet. Freestyle Slalom – skating almost as an athlete performs a dance to the music. There are also areas such as in line, speed slalom, slides Style jump, skate, cross country, biathlon and ski-roller summer race. All these disciplines are playing the race on roller skates.

  • Team sport on roller skates.

Ice Hockey (roller key), roller derby, soccer (Rollerball) and basketball (basketroll).

You Merry Skating

Cute girl, reckless guys are heroes of cartoons and draw you before the game online videos. They easily cut through the streets, overcoming the obstacles encountered; compete with cars on the track at speed; engaged in professional skiing and learn new tricks. Join the fun and you are reigning.

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