Curling games

Curling games

Some games are fun and just do not quite understand. For example, curling game appeared long ago and is still on them organize competitions, but to call them popular fails. They can be called a kind, as they continue to play people who prefer sports associated with ice in the winter and slip. We will find some online versions that will help you to understand the principle of free gameplay. Perhaps you will become an ardent fan of the similarity of hockey in the yard and organize new followers curling team.

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Games curling – Medieval fun

Curling games Many sports games have come to us from the ancient and medieval periods. So in Scotland it was found curling stone on which date stamped 1511. In the books, too, left the monastery next game, marking 1541. It turns out that not only the monks devote themselves to prayer and loved to entertain.

The curling played and peasants of the Netherlands, as well as between Scotland and the Netherlands in the XVI century have been established cultural and economic relations, the game got the opportunity to travel through Europe.

The name "curling" appeared later – in the XVII century thanks to Henry Adamson – Scottish poet who mentioned the game in a poem. Before that figured the name "ice stock sport." The process of ice stock sport is not entirely consistent with the modern curling, but it always happens – rules and kind of gear changes, until a total of becoming.

accelerates and ship repair in the house

Curling is a team for the competition, where each of four. The action takes place on an ice rink with a special marking. It's a long lane about 45 meters long and 5 meters wide. On both sides of the field painted target, this is the "house," which is necessary to get the stone, properly dispersed and let it slide on the ice.

Interestingly, the granite, which is machined from a stone, mined in Scotland, so that the historical link with the homeland fun preserved.

Curling games Rules of the Game:

  • The game is played in 10 endov – periods.
  • During one period of the team run for 8 gems.
  • Catch up before throwing the stone, the hand of him have to take until crossing the start line.
  • A player can have one of two objectives: to become a stone in a particular place or pushed in the goal area with the stone of the enemy.
  • Others may run ahead of the projectile and special brushes rub the ice in front of him. This is called svipovaniem and helps to correct the movement of the projectile.
  • At the end of weekend count points. The closer to the center stone of the target, the more points gained.  
  • The final victory is awarded to the team with a total of more points in all endah.
  • When the draw came out, shall be appointed an additional round – Extra-end.

conducted curling Olympic Games, European and World Championships and the Asian Pacific. What is so remarkable this unusual fun for us, will help to understand the game of curling online.

Virtual curling on ice, and not only

Curling games

Activities should be diverse, and comprehending something new, gain experience. The game introduces a curling free with the old form of entertainment, and let our territory, he is not as popular, perhaps it is time to change the situation.

Similarly, the standard rules of real curling you need to disperse the heavy stone and run it in the intended target at the same time prevent an opponent to win. Kick him out of the shells hit the target precision. After the shot, you will see the speed reading stone, which you have achieved. The game can be played with the standard equipment on the classic layout of the field, and you can arrange a fight with the dinosaurs, who perched on each stone. Let's playground and covered with ice, but the stones are so heavy that it is necessary to apply a force to accelerate them.

SpongeBob throws octopus, hitting him with pitchforks and collect colorful sea stars have different scores. Aim the shot with the mouse, controlling the direction and length of the arrows. And office workers decided to go on the chairs along the corridors, representing curling. Who will develop greater speed and will travel a maximum distance, will become the champion of the office curling.

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