Bobsled games

Bobsled games

Free Online Games Bobsleigh invited to play in one of the sports games of the Winter Olympics. Bob – This sled, which sits a team of athletes, and when they are shaken within them to give acceleration and direction, it's like rolling the peas in a pod, and therefore the name. You must pass on the icy corridor that looks at times as a closed tube, or as a depression in the ground with rounded edges. Of the latter easily jump at high speed, and only the skill and coordination team will not allow. In addition to realistic simulations of toys you can play with a prehistoric Flintstones Bobsleigh.

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The story of Bobsleigh

Bobsled games Bob – winter sport, participating in the 1924 Olympic Games. It is considered the birthplace of Switzerland, and the time of birth – 1888. The number of people in the team is constantly changing, but if before reaching even eight people, now shrunk and became two to four. Groups can be mixed or same sex, that is a purely male or female teams, as well as those where the representatives of the sexes equally.

the sport of bobsled named because of the similarity of the sled with people pod beans – runs right distance, the people inside the sled (bean) swing to the side to give them the acceleration and is very reminiscent of rolling peas within the elongated pod. The team's goal – to disperse the bean inside the gutter, covered with an even layer of ice up to speed. Sami track has several different areas: steep turns, sharp turns, at least one straight portion and a maze – three in a row without turning straights. Typically, these specially built tracks with all the requirements, but in St. Moritz is the only highway of natural origin, which has a length of about two thousand meters, fifteen turns and difference in altitude of 130 – 150 meters. Chances are that this is the track and became the prototype for the creation of artificial, because it is in St. Moritz traveler Wilson Smith first joined the two sleds and the board to make their way to Celerina.

The first beans were made of wood, but they soon abandoned and were made of metal, making them more resistant, agile, slippery. To do this exercise, you have to be nimble, quick and frost resistance. Although the competition held in winter, when everything around is covered with ice, snow and frost cracking, athletes wearing light fitting costumes designed not to create resistance during movement.

charges the adrenaline playing games Bobsleigh

Bobsled games Bobsled games Probably, there is not this kind of sport, which has not yet come up with computer games. Characters cartoons, TV series, comic books and movies are always something compete. I think it's time to play the bobsled, and if you are not afraid to roll at a speed of ice roads, then make a company prehistoric athlete. Before you Flintstone from the stone age, and he was sitting in a sleigh, ready to start the victorious descent. On his face droplets of fear or doubt about the upcoming action, apparently he was not the first time sent a dangerous path. Pet – Brontosaurus counts last minute, helping you to concentrate and at the right time off the place. When sound « », the start you enter into a closed tunnel and begin to accelerate. Here you can even go to the ceiling and do cool tricks, collecting spoons with berries. These berries bring you points, but fascinated, do not forget about the obstacles.

Suddenly ahead can grow a small iceberg or icy patches on the road. In order not to lose life, try to move away from the collision and continue your way along the walls of the track. When find yourself in an open area, look no will fly across the board – here already it is necessary to closely monitor the manipulations. If you want to experience a more realistic feel, go to modernity and helped the team of two people sitting in a pod, to regain control on the road. Ahead are many twists and turns that sometimes follow one after the other and it is necessary to react in time to send a projectile in the right direction, not taking off for fencing. Athletes run bean with your same body, turning it to the side, and you have to have this key on the keyboard.

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