Harry Potter games

Harry Potter games

After I read all the books about Harry Potter, reviewed all series, and you can play games online for free Harry Potter. Who has not dreamed to be as brave wizard who learns in a magical school, surrounded by loyal friends? You are not happy with their teachers, while the teachers look at Harry. If one helped him, others use magic to harm the boy. When you play, exposing all the plots and friends help neutralize enemies and find a solution to all problems. Act together and do not be afraid.

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The boy who survived

How wonderful that one Englishwoman Joanne Murray came up with such a great idea for the plot of the book, in which an ordinary boy is powerful wizard and enters the secret school of magic. The book, written for children, suddenly became a bestseller, which is read out, even the older generation. Fantasy Joan was enough to continue the story in the following volumes. The idea was so precarious that on the books began to make films, and thanks to the skill of the writers, directors and actors, they occupied the highest level of popularity and at the box office. As you have surely realized we are talking about Harry Potter. This boy was involved in a deadly battle unraveled deceitfully opposes conspiracies, but do not forget about friendship and love. The dynamics of development of events very quickly and holds the attention of the reader and viewer to the last chapter and scene. And offering you play the game of Harry Potter, we hope that they will seem no less exciting.

Filled with magic game Harry Potter

Harry Potter games Every game – this is a new story, full of events, tasks, risks, but also pleasant moments. The developers have tried to make their products in the personal view of things and now Harry could look and act in a completely new way. For example, becoming a little man Lego, it recovers to explore castles, finding in them of the designer, which will be useful in the final, and coins to refill your account. In this journey he faces as a nice surprise, and not very much. With enemies better not to meet head-on, and if it will pass through the magic cloak, you will become invisible, and can slip past them quietly. After passing through the portal, he will transfer you to a new place, but not where you kept the way.

Harry Potter games During the game Harry Potter online, you can even become a student of the school of magic and visit the lessons of Professor Snape, who teaches cooking skills potions. You need to choose six ingredients and put them together in a pot, adding alternate each in the correct sequence. Unfortunately, we can not tell you what and when to add, because they do not learn in this course, but we believe that you will find the right recipe. To the right on the table, you will see the result of the finished result. Column « results » black ball shows that the component you picked right, white – components are selected and placed in the correct order. If the potion is not used those ingredients, the count will remain unfilled.

Harry Potter games online prepared and dangerous tests. Plunging into the dark waters to save his friends in the computer version you will need to collect at a depth of algae, which are credited as points. Breathe out there you can not, and therefore, the time for action is limited. By controlling the arrow keys, try to perform the task with maximum efficiency. Popular in the Hogwarts Quidditch game is now available in Harry Potter games. Harry's best catcher and is recognized by all, but you should not relax, or miss the ball. Today our hero standing on the gate, and the two teams fly on broomsticks over the field and try to score goals with each other in the ring, standing on poles. Help Harry Potter to preserve the reputation and catch all the Snitch. Well, the girls will be interesting to play Harry Potter games, picking up his clothes and putting her hair in her hair. My favorite character is waiting patiently, when you're done to please the result. Even the love of the game are present in the range where Harry stands a romantic lover, kissing his girlfriend, but the fear of other people's sight.

Immerse yourself in the world of magic

Harry Potter games JK Rowling – a man of genius. And not because she was able to write something brilliant from a literary point of view. No, just this writer was able to create a new fairy-tale world, which so pleased the reader that it has become part of the lives of young fans of fantasy. At one time, this effect is achieved only two people – George Tolkien and his namesake by the name of Lucas. Only Star Wars and Lord of the Rings can match Potterianoy popularity.

Game industry immediately tried to introduce this topic in the game. However, play games Harry Potter did not like either in books or in the movies, unless, of course except for Quidditch game. Therefore, the books about him are not satisfactorily computerization. However, for fans of the series about a young wizard is not impossible. They were able to do a lot of good quality games. Harry Potter games online is not difficult to find. Here on our website there are a few. They are quite interesting and even exciting. But there is also a drawback. Although maybe it's a plus. In order to understand all the charm of the genre you have pretty well acquainted with the world of books about Harry Potter. And without this in any way.

Harry Potter games The truth is, not all of the games of the wizard school Hogwarts are. There is also a simple girl's dress up games, there are puzzles and. There are mosaics and quests unrelated to the story. They all used the image of the hero. However, the real fans a boy named Harry Potter to play online will be only those games that are works of JK Rowling's story or repeat it. Whatever its characters, and not to evaluate the contribution of the writer in the education of children is impossible. After her second after Tolkien managed to interest children very thick books. The average sixth grader is difficult to read a 15-page story from the curriculum, but the Potter books are going to cheer. And no matter what values ​​are incorporated in the book. Home – children read. Let them say that it is not ours, but it is worth to give the children to decide for themselves what to read and what to be. Harry Potter And then performs an important mission – returns the book to children.

By the way, do not deny your child play on the computer. At least, as long as he plays on our site. After all products are featured here will bring your gaming heir only benefit. Especially about a wizard named Harry Potter games are useful. After all, they are likely to cause your child to volunteer to get up from the computer. To read all the novels by JK Rowling. And there, and close to Tolstoy.

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