Game Rapunzel Brain Doctor online

Game Rapunzel Brain Doctor

Game Rapunzel Brain Doctor online.

The life of Princess Rapunzel is in great danger. null Recently, she was with a doctor and she was diagnosed with a disappointing diagnosis. null A terrible disease struck her brain and now, you need to do an operation urgently. null All the doctors in the Disney Universe have refused such an operation, since it is too complicated. null Now, the life of Rapunzel is only in your hands. null Do not be afraid and do a re-examination of the girl's brain. null If the diagnosis is confirmed, then proceed immediately to the operation. null Use all the tools available in the game, as well as listen to the advice of your assistants. null Do everything quickly and accurately so that Rapunzel can again admire the beauty of this world. null Save your beloved princess and earn the title of the best surgeon in the Disney universe. null